Wow Where Do I Begin!

i love swords! i have always wanted to learn to fight with one just because it is something i enjoy. not saying that i like to hurt people but its so thrilling to sword fight with someone. when i read books about fighting i always saw my self with one and will certainly get one soon. one of my uncles make them and im hoping he can make one for my shortness. ha ha. but i think they are beautiful in a way... i know its not very girly of me but i cant help it. there beautiful!

DarkAmber DarkAmber
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8 Responses Feb 13, 2010

lol sure thing. can u add a special design??

haha well i doubt that, it could work great. i dont judge when i make them haha

really? humm... i would love that! I dont think my fencing would really help with martial arts "tools" as you so call

i make custom wooden martial arts "tools" i call them tools so i cant get sued for making weapons for kids i'd be more than happy to make one for u. just contact me on here if ur interested

i believe it, but the wushu and such i am not interested enough to look into.

fencing is the only western martial art i know. And there are many eastern martial art that use the blade like wushu and stuffs (don't know a lot about those). discover more about martial art if you want to brandish the sword around your house SAFELY. one more thing, fencing does take a lot of skills

ah! i want to learn! but not really fencing per say. i like the heavy blade that takes a bit more... skill? idk, but i would like to do it for fun

hey it's absolutely fine for a girl to love swords. In fact, i have a friend who is a fencing instructor and in his class, mostly his students are girls