Sheep In Fog

Sheep in Fog
      The hills step off into whiteness.
People or stars
Regard me sadly, I disappoint them.

The train leaves a line of breath.
O slow
Horse the colour of rust,

Hooves, dolorous bells -
All morning the
Morning has been blackening,

A flower left out.
My bones hold a stillness, the far
Fields melt my heart.

They threaten
To let me through to a heaven
Starless and fatherless, a dark water.

Sylvia Plath
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2 Responses Aug 17, 2007

I've thought of that, but I think if the corporate moguls get a hold of it they'll botch it up and commercialize it like the way they did with "Cold Mountain" and "The Hours". This is why I personally think reading, books, and words do much more justice than watching. It doesn't get near enough close to one's soul. One can't capture the beauty of love, music, and life through pictures alone. Words are a thousand words; the heart, a million. =)

I think someone should write a screen play for "The Bell Jar"....<br />
Great poem.