The Pentacle

The Pentacle, the symbol of Witchcraft, is a bold and fascinating statement about our place in the Universe. The pentagram (the five pointed star) represents an ancient concept that can be found in philosophical thought in both East and West. Although over 8,000 years old, the image of the pentagram is applicable in our modern world. The pentagram tells us that we have the ability to bring Spirit to Earth; this applies to every area of practical day-to-day living, as well as spiritual thought. The ability of bringing Spirit to Earth is what makes us whole.
Imagine the perfect apple, ripe and bursting with life. Sliced in half, it reveals a beautiful five-point symmetry-a star formed by the seeds inside. In fact, each of these five seeds may be seen to contain a symbolism of its own mirroring the spiritual aspects of this universal symbol: idea, sustenance, life, secret knowledge and the hidden mysteries within the earth. Why has this beautiful and potent emblem, the five-pointed star or pentagram, become such a misunderstood and stigmatized symbol in these times of re-emerging enlightenment?
In the tale of Adam and Eve, the apple signified hidden knowledge which was forbidden to human kind. Other early cultures encouraged holy and learned persons in their search for divine wisdom. For example, the Vedas state that the universe and ourselves are One, and that by realizing this and tapping into that Universal energy and state, we achieve wholeness and bliss. These concepts were known to many ancient civilizations. For most of the western culture, sacred knowledge was designated as the right of the One Deity only., It was considered heretical to study the Divine workings of the Universe. The apple signified that which we should not attempt to know, and many attempts over the centuries to obtain knowledge of the Universe (and therefore, ourselves) were suppressed. The pentagram in its modern guise as the pentacle was also a target of this subjugation.
For modern-day Pagans, the Pentacle contains many wonderful layers of symbolism. The five points symbolize the four elements . . . earth . . . fire . . . air . . . water . . . and the fifth being spirit . . . also the four directions with the fifth point as the sanctity of Spirit, within and without. The circle around the star symbolizes unity and wholeness . . . and eternity . . . no beginning . . . no end. It represents the quest for Divine Knowledge, a concept which is ancient in origin and universal in scope from the earliest written ritual texts in Babylonia, to the Celts, to the Native American traditions. Similar to other figures which are made of a single unbroken line, this symbol is used to mark off magical enclosures or ritual areas, especially when used for invocation of deities or spirit and to consecrate many ritual objects and spellwork.


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To really study histories, one would has to track alot of books, documentries and so on. I can only brief on this bc it is very extensive. The problem i found was imense. From cross section books of books and many scholars to holly men, schools and so on, is majority of them has been corrupted if not facts covered up by high levels rulers throught out time. Even the bible it is self from old to new testaments going all the way back to pre-Sumerians and Bablonians facts has been tampered with. But we have no choice other than to make the best of our knowledge. Nice matlse that you touch up on this part. LoLz im trying to make this short but thats a challenge with maltse... sighhh ty for ure story..

thank you for your input m00sh00 . . . this stuff fascinates me. . . 8D . . .

I LOVED reading this so much awesome info. We have Pagan friends and so we are a little familiar with some of this info already but it is always nice to see good info out where others can read it and come to understand just how Awesome most Pagan folks are.... It is totally interesting to study about how so many common beliefs we have came to us out of Pagan ways and times.... ♥

OMG Sie . . . you totally get it . . . thank you for your openmindedness and support . . . and seeing things as they really are without prejudice . . . you have been such a blessing and gift to me . . . love you my friend . . . xoxoxox

You surprise me ... not many people know about ancient history - personally, I find it fascinating. Unfortunately, there is not enough time for reading the books I would like to ... oh - on a lighter note, it was not the apple in the tree, but the pair on the ground that caused the trouble in Eden.

I love ancient history . . . it tells us where we've been and how today came to be . . . fascinating indeed . . .
LMAO . . . very good . . . thank you for that . . . cute . . . 8D