Hell Yes

I actually saw them live a couple of nights ago along with Deftones. Completely amazing.  I got there like two hours early and the person I was with and I tried guessing what the opening song would be.  I said "Prison Song" would be a great opener just because of how it starts....and then that was the opener.  It was seriously a magical moment.  It was a very powerful show.  There just aren't words to describe my respect and admiration for Serj and the band.  Even the songs I wasn't crazy about were impeccably timed and awesome.  For instance, they played "Soldier Side", "Lonely Day" and "Chop Suey" all in a row and said a small tribute to friends and family lost in the Armenian genocide...so after depressing everyone they broke out "Cigaro".  And they closed with "Sugar", another favorite of mine.  So happy I got to see this show.  And after so many years of not touring.
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**** yes!