I Love T-bar School Shoes

Well, I finally got my T-Bars. Of course they came fron Australia silly goose. They seemed to take forever to arrive. They fit fantastic and are Pattent leather, the real McCoy! They are Wilde shoes. I am a male and the only issue is the strap is a little short because I must have a high arch. By the way, I am married and not Bi!

68shelbyguy 68shelbyguy
2 Responses Mar 9, 2011

You and I seem to share the same shoe interests. Love to hear about your saddle shoes. Send comments to bllbolen@netscape.net. Thanks.

Cool, I wore mine on the street for the first time yesterday to show my theropist. He said nice shoes and we drove on. I am retiring from my job after 34 years and age 65. Today, I have (3) weeks left. I really do not know if I will ware them to work.I really don't think they would understand. These are not really the only pair of 'T' type straps. I have Ecco Alphas that I have been waring for ever. The real difference with these is they are quite nice feminine style with the lower cut front and diffinitly get close to Mary Janes. I don't think I am ready for those yet. I am deep into saddle shoes as well.<br />
This all probably goes along with my shoe faddish.