T Bar Sandal Punishment

Wayne got called to the front of the morning assembly by the headmistress. There was no way of getting away from his punishment. Days earlier he had been caught pulling off the girls shoes and throwing them around the class. Unfortunately for Wayne he managed to throw one just at the wrong time and hit Miss Jones, she had been a temporary student teacher for the last 12 months. Miss Jones was only 21 years of age, just four years older than Wayne. Wayne had been a source of annoyance to miss Jones throughout the year and the latest episode was the last straw. He was warned that he would face an embarrassing punishment. He walked from the back of the hall to the very front through the line of 1000 children and teachers. Mrs Mackay told the assembly what he had done and that he was going to face a very embarrassing punishment.

The petrified 17 year old boy stood there in anticipation of what was going to be done! Mrs Mackay asked the children what they thought the punishment should be. A shout came from the crowd, dress him as a girl! Echoed by others in the crowd. The children started to chant dress him like a girl, dress him like a girl! Mrs Mackay smiled and announced the crowd has spoken, this will be your punishment. The crowd laughed and cheered. Mrs Mackay sent Miss Jones to the school lost property, she shortly returned with a pile of school girls uniform. Miss Jones was disapointed as there were no girls school shoes in lost property. Miss Jones think of nothing she would like to dress the prankster up in a pair of girls school shoes. Mrs Mackay pulled a chair into the centre of the stage. She sat wayne down on the chair and proceeded to undo his shoe laces. Both shoes were pulled off, shortly followed by his grey school socks. She shouted you won’t need those and threw them into the crowd. Everyone continued to nervously laugh, anticipating what was going to come next. Mrs Mackay quickly undid his school tie, shortly followed by his top shirt button, the jumper was next to come off. He started to worry how far she was going to go, the girls were especially enjoying the experience. Mrs Mackay started to unbutton his shirt to the cheers of the children. Soon it was off Wayne’s back and was the next item to be thrown into the crowd. Mrs Mackay turned the chair around as he stood their bare chested in front of the crowd. He was instructed to place his hands on the back of chair with his back facing the crowd. He felt Mrs Mackay’s hand come from his back to the front of his trousers. She quickly undid his belt and the top button, next the zipper. Within seconds his trousers were around his bare ankles, revealing his white underpants. The trousers were pulled over his feet and thrown into the crowd. She turned to the crowd and asked for a female volunteer to come up onto the stage, 500 girls hands shot up into the air. Mrs Mackay thought it only fair to select miss Jones to take part in Wayne's punishment. Miss Jones was delighted that she could get her revenge. She was soon stood by him with a big grin on her face. Wayne was dreading what was going to come next. For years this bully has tormented the children as well as the teachers. Everyone was looking forward to what was coming next.

Mrs Mackay asked the audience whether his pants should removed. The shouts of yes were deafening, surely he wasn’t going to have his pants pulled down in front of the children and teachers! She asked Miss Jones if she would like to assist. Miss Jones wispered in Wayne's ear, "We all can't wait to see a bully's naked bum, You deserve everything that is coming you" Wayne begged her to stop. Before he could say anything else, she took hold of the waistband of his underpants and hauled them down to his ankles. His bare white bum strung into the view of the crowd to a deafening raw of laughter. Wayne started to cry to the amusement of Miss Jones who was stood there admiring a close view of his tight white bum. Miss Jones instructed Wayne to step out of his pants, which he reluctantly did. She took great pleasure in throwing his pants into the crowd. Knowing that he now had no clothes to cover himself up with. Wayne Stood there completed naked with only his hands to save any further embarrassment Surely his punishment could not get any worst for Wayne. Mrs Mackay asked the crowd whether they would like for him to turn around. Again the shout of yes was deafening. With the nod of Mrs Mackay Miss Jones placed her hands on his shoulders and slowly span him around, Wayne tried to covered himself up with his hands but Mrs Mackay told him to remove them. This was Wayne’s worst nightmare and continued to defiantly cover himself. Wayne would not stop Mrs Mackay from seeing his ultimate embarrassment. She grabed one hand and instructed Miss Jones to grab the other. After a brief struggle he was soon totally exposed to his classmates and the teachers. The laughing was deafening and he soon felt 1000 pairs of eyes on his Willy. He could see the girls that he had bullied in the past really enjoying the show. Miss Jones was relishing Wayne’s embarrassment. Even though she knew she shouldn't be looking she could not help enjoy his naked embarrasment. Mrs Mackay instructed him to stand still with his hands on his head. Miss Mackay invited the girls who had their school shoes thrown across the class up onto the stage so they could enjoy a closer view. The 16 year old victims were soon on stage and were told to stand in a group with the naked boy stood in the middle. The girls scrambled for position to get the best view, the girls were smiling from ear to ear. Mrs Mackay announced that a picture would be taken by the school phographer just in case the school magazine was ever short of photos. The School photographer came to the front of the assembly hall to take the photos. She took five photos and then instructed Wayne to turn around so his naked bum was facing the crowd and asked the girls to point at his bum whilst smiling. The girls could not of looked more innocent wearing their pinafores, white knee socks and T bar sandals. What a contrast to have a naked boy stood in the middle of them. Following photos the girls were asked to stand to the side of the stage.
Mrs Mackay instructed Miss Jones to pick up the girls school uniform and dress Wayne. The day could not get any better for miss jones as she punished her bully.
OK Wayne' she said, 'Knickers first.' She held out a pair of white knickers, and instructed him to step into them. She pulled them up to my waist and high up his legs, and the elastic felt tight around his thighs and waist. A white vest followed, and she tucked it into the waist of the knickers. Next came a white blouse buttoned up to the neck, followed by a maroon and silver diagonally striped tie. The crowd continued to laugh as they observed wayne’s punishment. She next picked the school pinafore up and held it with the back opening towards wayne. 'In you get' she said. He stepped into the grey tunic and she pulled it up my body before putting his arms through the armholes. Then she stood behind him and fastened the buttons running up the back. Turning him around, she did up the buckle belt and secured the two buttons which held the end of the belt in place. Pulling down the hem of the tunic so that the pleated skirt hung neatly,
Miss Jones turned the chair around and instructed wayne to 'Sit down. 'He sat on the chair, and she pulled a pair of white ankle socks onto his feet and turned them down neatly at the ankle. Miss Jones now had now run out of uniform. She asked mrs mackay if she had any girls shoes for Wayne to wear. Fortunately there for Wayne there were no shoes in lost property at the moment. Wayne felt he had been humiliated enough without having to wear girls shoes. Miss Jones asked the 10 girls that had their photo's taken with Wayne if they would like to help. The girls jumped at the chance and made their way to the centre of the stage . The girls could not get their shoes off quick enough, the thought of wayne wearing their girly shoes was a really appealing ideal.

They could not think of any greater punishment other than him being ******** naked in front of the assemble. The girls formed an orderly line with each girl taking in turn to try their shoes on Wayne's feet. Luckily for Wayne 8 of the girls tried and failed to get their shoes even close to fitting Wayne's feet. Wayne wasn't to disappointed as the shoes were hideously girly. Ranging from Black T bar sandals to Pink Mary Janes with Hearts on. Next to try her shoes on was Jane, she had a pair of boyish looking tie ups. Wayne secretly hoped that these shoes would fit, he would prefer these as to an` enfant girls style. Unfortunately for Wayne they come nowhere near to fitting his feet.

The last girl in the queue was a girl called Emma, Wayne took one look at her brand new red patent leather T Bar Sandals and tried to run off the stage. The thought of having to wear the girly shoes sent dread through him. They had the shiniest silver buckles on the side! The girls that were stood to the side of the stage grabbed him. Miss Jones told the girls to push him on to the floor. He continued to lash out and struggle. the girls to gripped his arms and legs, He wasn't going anywhere. Two days previously Wayne had made comments on how childish the sandals were for a 16 year old girl. Surely they would not have the same size feet! emma's sandals were Wayne's worst nightmare. As the girls held Wayne Down she placed the left sandal onto his left foot. She placed the strap through the centre strap and proceeded to feed the strap through the buckle , fastening the strap tightly so there was no way he could get them off. To Wayne’s dismay the red sandal fitted his foot perfectly. Miss jones could not believe her luck, she carried out the same with Wayne’s right foot. The squelled with delight as the final buckle was done up and Wayne's feet were encased in the sandals. Miss Jones Humiliating dream had come true. She told the girls to let him get up to his feet. The girls make several comments as Wayne stood to his feet. 'He looks like a little girl', 'don't they suit him'. For further embarrassment She ordered wayne to stand up and walk up and down the assembly isle. The crown were presented with the perfect view of his knee high white socks glistening through the two gaps of each of the childish T bar sandals. The children and teachers could not stop laughing. Shout’s came from Wayne’s female victims “ You won’t need to take our school sandals off now as you have your very own” The girls continued to point and laugh at him while his feet wriggled encased in the sandals.
Wayne begged Mrs Mackay and Miss Jones to let him change back into his own clothes.

Mrs Mackay told Wayne that miss jones had full control over his punishment for the day. Mrs Jones told Wayne that he would be dressed like this for the remainder of the day. Wayne begged her to take the sandals off.. Miss jones informed Wayne that he was going to be punished in each of his lessons by the teacher in charge and that he would have to look the part. She informed the assembly that Wayne would ******** naked by the girls in each class and would he recieve a bare bottom spanking. Miss Jones told the girls that he must keep his knee high socks on and his new T bar sandals. A roar of laughter went up, the girls could not wait to punish him
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Love the story especially Wayne ******** naked before being dressed as a schoolgirl with white knee socks and girly shoes although you did say white ankle socks pulled on by the teacher. Easily overlooked as still enjoyable read. Hope there's more to come.