So Much To Choose From

im not gay but im deffinitly NOT straight so guys are great but girls and t-girls are where its at
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I'm with you. Tgirls are the ultimate!!!

Question for you all. so when you say t girl are you talking about cross dressers or for real male to female transgenders that are either post op or pre op. there is a big difference but looking at it this way for those that are transitioning or have already transitioned are females not t girls. t girls are a very derogatory title as well as a stereo typing people in a category per say and yes I am a for real male to female pre operative transgender with legal name change, still in gender therapy as looking for a good surgeon since dr. marci bowers moved her main office to california. I am also on hormone replacement therapy as well.<br />
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Just a curious question is all.

I personally have no particular preference in sexualities. My bisexualality allows me to enjoy the excentric fruits of ALL genders. Male, female, trans, pre-op, post-op, etc. Labels, genders, body parts, and physical apperences are of little importance to me. I'm more attracted to people for who they are, not what they are.

I thought shemale would be the more derogatory remark or even tranny. I didn't think Tgirl was offensive?

Enjoy what you enjoy, respect the people you are with and be yourself. Let's shed the need to put labels on ourselves.

Very well said MrsJoanie!!!

Thanks Pman, simple and true!

Enjoy what you enjoy, respect the people you are with and be yourself. Let's shed the need to put labels on ourselves.

I agree with you 100% and appreciated the clarity with which you expressed it. Shed labels, respect others and enjoy yourself. Amen to that.

Occam's razor at it's finest. Simplify it's always correct! Thank you

Release the chains that bind, but sometime its nice to actually have handcuffs on. My wife and I have been playing with this new bed harness that has the victom of the night all bound up spread eagle and helpless. Switching roles every other night has brought so many possibilities. I can't wait for her to give me a BJ all the while sliding a gel 8" rod up my honey hole. And once you are on HRT and your nipples come alive you find that having them teased can alomost take you over the edge of a climax. I am quite satisfied with being a T-girl Lesbion, but have a wicked itch to have my penis turned into a **** and **** which brings quite a smile to my face. I will have the best of both worlds in the happy event I meet a T-girl not complete in the transition to help me learn the last steps of being a true woman. The social stigmas that hinder our expressive side has to be broken first, I had my first load of *** and was quite thrilled at the texture and taste. Im a ***** at times and she loves life with full intensity. Hooking up with another T-girl is only a matter of time I am assured. <br />
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Thank Vicki. I never use a label to describe my sexuallity and as far as tangible bodage goes, I can't get enough of it. I'm hooked!!
Don't worry, I'm a ****** **** too. I love getting ******, hard! Or doing the ******* and sucking, hard! I love it all. *****,***,mouth, ****,hand,feet, whatever!! Give it to me, all of you at the same time, mercilessly!!!!

it just feel too good that way. dosent it?

Thank you<br />
Hugs<br />