Females Not T-girls

I find that people are uneducated on the different terminology that is used when it comes to t girls for that is a very broad category or stereo typing that is often very derogatory towards the ones who are transitioning or who have transitioned into women. It is very costly both financially and mentally. There is a lot of discrimination that goes with transitioning from male to female and a lot of counseling.

Most people in general see the transgender community as cross dresses, trannys, transsexuals, transvestites, and or cross dressers. There is now proper terminology to use for us that are transitioning or have already transitioned into our opposite sex. I have personally lost family members, employment, felt the discriminatory remarks, the oggling, the hey babies, the how much for the evening or are you for sale types and have been approached by men who have fetishes for transgendered women.

to me that is down right ignorant of these types. I am well educated, I do not sell my body or due drugs I am not in the adult entertainment I am a for real transitioning male to female person. I still get the hey babies, and are you for sale type men. this to me is totally ignorant of men in general. you men see us as sex toys and that is all you all think about when it comes to us ladies. Learn to do research on the differences between the different stereo types and look up how much it costs to do a full transition we spend more money in 4 to 8 years than what a family spends in a life time.

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More power to you, girl. Some people are so insecure that they must attack those who do not fit into their limited view of what is "right" or "normal". You are who you are and that is all there is to it. I am so happy that there is a place (the Experience Project) that allows you to find others who have struggled on their own to find exactly who they are. You are welcome to this sanctuary, but I hope you finally arrive at a place where EVERYONE accepts you for who you truly are. Good luck and may all your wishes come true.

To answer some of the terms that are acceptable to the ones who have transitioned and the ones who are in transition is female. she, her, lady, etc.<br />
<br />
Here are some different terminology that is used:<br />
<br />
transvestite/shemale - someone who had the upper surgery and has no intention of transitioning.<br />
<br />
transsexual - someone who has done the complete surgery both upper and lower and is also considered a pre operative or post operative woman<br />
<br />
cross dresser - a man or woman who only wears women's or men's clothing and has no intention of transitioning and it is also a life style fetish<br />
<br />
Drag Queen or Drag King - is a male or female that dresses in the opposite sex and performs on a stage for entertainment purposes and does not do this outside of that example would be Frank Marino who formed La Cage in Las Vegas Nevada at the Riveria Hotel and Casino and I do know him personally as a friend but since lost contact.<br />
<br />
I lived my whole life as a girl since the age of 14 and knew nothing different I am now 40 years old and I am still a woman and a Lady.<br />
<br />
I have no family that supports me on my transition I am doing this all on my own but I do have a lot of close friends that I consider my family..<br />
<br />
the struggles we face as transitioning women is no an easy task nor is it acceptable to other people who think that all of us are homosexuals and we live that life style but however we do not fit in with the normal sex of the general society nor do we fit in with the community of the gay and lesibian community.<br />
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Peace and Love to all Humanity<br />
Lady Bri

Good day Ladybri. I like where you're going with this post but, how about instead of just complaining about the uneducated you offer some education? There really aren't a lot of places one can go to learn the differences. As you mention there are many different "states" of being in the cd/tranny/t-gurl etc. world. <br />
Please, help us out. Most of us don't mean to offend.

bravo, well said girlfreind.

I can only imagine your frustration and long struggle. However, wouldn't do more good to actually tell us what is the "proper" terminology rather than complain about the ignorance of some? This is not an area of black and white and you can surely see how even well intentioned people could misuse the many terms floating around. <br />
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Of course, a female not born a genetic female is still female. However, without any distinction whatsoever then how could people who feel they are born in the wrong body describe their situation or search for others like them? Labels can be ugly, but they can also serve a purpose. Perhaps next time you could mention what labels are acceptable to you?

Your comments are right on! Thank you so much for sharing them with us!!

One of the things I will never miss is the way when around other "men" you feel so compelled to conform to a sub-standard of BS, chest beating, toasting beers, rubbing the belly times. I have spent the last 23 years being both mom and dad to my 4 now adult children. I have witnessed it, overthunk it, and walked away from it and life is good. <br />
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Yes a I agree -- I am here for the real ride to make my outside feel like my inside feels like. We yearn to identify and define what Our look will be, it fills this deepest inner need that welcomes each nail polish, pedicure, manicure, makeover, lunch out with the girls we can manage. Then toss on the strong desire to keep your loving relationship with your wife and now you better be good at keeping it at bay. <br />
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It is our life, our being whole that is at stake.

Great Post! I applaud you..........................<br />
<br />
Jamie Lee

Love your attitude! Your resolve! and your success! Unfortunately we're asking some men the impossible, it seems. I know, I've dealt with the likes of these block heads a lot. We can write paragraph after paragraph on how disrespectful a male with hi testosterone and no place to put it can be. Seems most of them don't read, or care about what is written. There sadly will always be a sector of our society that can think of nothing other then sex which create the hurdles we all have to get over. Though there are many people smart enough to understand, there just doesn't seem to be enough people to care to overturn these male stereotyping insults. I just don't think the majority of men have the intellect to get it!

Right on girlfriend ...