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I have suffered my whole life with my Gender issues. I still do to this very day! Anyone that doesn’t believe that, read my stories.

We have come a long way in the last few years with education and the hard work of many in the Transgendered Community to gain our due rights. There have been many battles through out the years, for ending discrimination, sexism and all the rest. We stand in line, behind women’s rights, African American rights, gay and lesbian rights! And some that, maybe I have forgot to mention.

One year ago, there was finally a scientific study completed, that states: Transexuality is caused by a genetic flaw. As well as Gay and Lesbian issues.

So what does this mean? It means we don’t make this up. This is not just a figment of our imaginations. Previously in our Community we referred to real women as “Genetic Females” Now this, changes things. We as Transsexuals, have the privilege to identify ourselves as Genetic Women. And real women are now classified as Natal women.
For an example: I was born a Natal male. And nothing will ever change that! But, I am now a Genetic female. I can not, or ever will, be a natal female! It’s impossible.

We NEED to represent femininity in the most gracious manner! We need to make real women proud of us. Proud that we represent them! We must act and dress age appropriate, we must dress and act with class. And most importantly, we must earn respect. We are under society’s microscope.

We are who we say we are, and we are going no where! Society needs to understand that! We will be around forever!

Now, this next part is directed towards my own Community. Cross dressers, Transvestites and pre-op and post-op Transsexuals (now known as genetic females)

There are multitudes of respectful, hard working, people in our Community who are out, or struggling to be free and accepted. A lot of the pain we have endured is generational, as older cross dressers or Transsexuals.

Who I want to talk to is the filth, and the disgusting, people in our community or the internet. You know who you are! You are the ones that represent us in the most appalling manner, with nasty and vile, photos that show you body parts. The deplorable stories you have in your profiles, your fetishes and your immoral conduct. Who sits on the internet or the Community to prey on unsuspecting people or the trash that is interested in your filthy behavior! But the saddest part is when someone wants to learn about us, you are the first thing they see. YOU MAKE ME SICK!
I was at a support group for Transgendered individuals and their spouses of significant others. A young married couple came in because the women’s husband was struggling with his gender issues. She sat down with him, and looked across the room and saw a Neanderthal man sitting in a tight dress, with his legs spread open so everyone could see up there. I then heard the woman say to her husband “If this is what it is about, I don’t want any part of it” She got up and walked out, with him following behind! Later I heard that he killed himself! All because of one piece of filth, that she thought represented us and who we are…………..!

So I beg anyone that reads this! Please do not judge us by things you see that is perverse.
Judge the ones that show the most respect to womanhood and femininity. Like I pray you will with me.

I am she and she is me!

Jamie Lee
JamieLee1 JamieLee1
51-55, F
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I am just learning about this life style or I should say gender error and at times I feel so stupid about knowing the differences and feelings that of this.....see I don't even know how to express my thoughts. I am beginning to understand how much you must suffer compared to us who have the right genes with the right body. I did like reading your thoughts and the thoughts of others and I hope you come to a truly wonderful femininity. I hope you understand my thoughts and I do want to learn more.<br />
Thank you

I'm as close to a Tgirl as one can be. I have enjoyed being a girl from age 5 and now in my 40's I'm still expressing myself as a girl. I know all about being a female, but dont have a clue about men at all, so I'm still learning too.

Let's be Ladies!

Thanks! I needed that. It's the ex-law enforcement in me.

OK now I will try to be a lady! No promises.

By the way Sweetie, How are you?

I'm well JamieLee! Dee and I are on a road trip! Weddings and work. Bringing us out to OH and IL!

Look, you are a person on here that I really respect. And I truly do thank you! But I don't attack anyone unless they attack me first!

Have a beautiful day..................


I didn't mean that to be nasty......................

I know and they deserved it! I'd just have metered my response. In many cases people reading, just aren't smart enough to see who through
the first punch and it could reflect badly.

NO Nastiness perceived! :)

You just made me smile!

well then my goal to make one person a day smile has just been accomplished I can go back to bed! lol. Not really we're headed out for some bicycling and some Kayakin

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okay well I have a couple of things to say but I will be brief.<br />
<br />
I am a pre operative woman who has many struggles with employment, friends, and family. I have no support from anyone that I know as far as my family and due to my full transition I lost employment and now can't find a job anywhere.<br />
<br />
The media has only seen the adult entertainment industry and society sees this as all transgenders are homosexuals and that is all they see. The media only uses the negative to portray the transgenders both male and female alike.<br />
<br />
She-males to me are not transgenders for they have no intention of going all the way with the lower surgery. I am not judging shemales by no means. It is a lifestyle but it also downgrades other who want to transition. there are so many fetish lifestyles out there that you can not count them.<br />
<br />
I know several she-males and they work in the adult entertainment as professionals but to me are not women or female that is just my opinion.<br />
<br />
I present myself as a woman who does dress according to my age as well as I blend in with other women that I come across as well as I had several women ask me where I bought my dress, heels, skirts, tops, or coats as well as asked me to help them with a new outfit.<br />
<br />
I worked in the high end retail clothing industry for 8 years and my boss was a full transgender female and was legal married she was well dressed, highly educated with a master's degree in fashion marketing and design as well as had a master's degree for business administration and management.<br />
<br />
To me that was a role model to look up to. I also took my work experience and applied it when I was working in a thrift store.<br />
<br />
for someone to talk trash about another person or about how they live to me is very childish and arrogant.

Great article. But you mentioned that you are now a genetic female. How did you change your chromosomes around like that? Is that some new therapy?

OK! I am going to do this once again. It has recently been proven that Transsexuals are created by a genetic flaw, Which makes us genetic females. Now the Medical books are being changed to state we are genetic females. Women born physically aw women are now called Natal females !

Although your statement seemed a little sarcastic, there's the answer.

Natal females. Gotcha.

Firs of all, you are the reason I worked in Law Enforcement. To put filth like you in the home that they belong. You say I need my holy attitude adjusted. First of all I am not that religious. And let me say this to you, you ******* coward. You think you can adjust my attitude then I invite you to try...............<br />
You can do what you want as filthy as it is, so does a Dung Beetle. <br />
<br />
And lastly you say the thing about a Pastor. How unholy is that statement. I hope you meant that! Because if you did. I will see you in Hell, the best thing you could do for is go get a gun, shoot yourself in the head and do me ans society a favor.<br />
<br />
Oh by the way! With much love and affection!<br />
<br />
Jamie Lee

Jamie, I understand your anger and frustration. She critically attacked your opinion and did so with as much harshness and vitriol as she accused you of and did so in a very condescending way. (typical of this kind of person, degrade and admonish rather then make an attempt to question or understand, but your a little guilty there too). Yes with her vitriol, I'd be quite angered. I'd hope thought that you could have given her a retort that was more deserved and would have been better serving to yourself. I can see the points your making, but honestly I had to filter out all of your angry words. I so appreciate where you have been, and what you have been through in your life. Others mightn't, It might be more lady like (I know you are) to come across in a fashion of that, rather then a front line hardened truck driving street wise angry girl. Just sayin' cause I care about you and the same things you do.

AWE! Thank you, and I apologize to you and everyone else! I mean that...........