What's The Attraction?

I've read extensively on this subject and it seems that one can't please all parties with any label. I know of some women born as men who absolutely hate the term "transgender" even though that is what is most often stated to be politically correct. I will use "non-genetic women" from here on out since it's the least offensive term I can think of without losing all meaning.

Like many men, I have looked at *********** depicting non-genetic women. And like many men I have been challenged by that to ask questions about myself and further research the issue. Both genetic men and non-genetic women often wonder; why do guys like this? What are they playing at? Are they gay?

I've always been attracted to women. None of my close friends or family would have any issue if I were gay. I am not religious or socially conservative either, so there's no conflict there. If I were gay, I'm pretty sure I'd be gay.

I've never had any real sexual experience with anyone who happened to have (or had) a penis. I honestly don't now how I'd react if confronted with a penis-equipped partner. I'd like to think I'd have an open mind. As I know I already like vaginas, I don't see why I couldn't have a satisfy sex life with a post-op non-genetic female either. Like many others, this is all just a fantasy for me right now. And I do like the ****. No matter if they are called shemales, trannies, traps, or any other term which may offend, I enjoy them.

That's because **** is ****. It's not meant to be PC or realistic or delve in to deep social issues with a roundtable discussion. It's people wanking and ******* and sucking so the viewer can get off. Accept that it's fantasy which can be positive or think it's all exploitative and get mad. But just remember that if you do, then all **** must be exploitative and harmful toward all females regardless of the body they were born in. It's not just non-genetic females getting some special punishment. (Of course I don't see how any *********** could avoid turning anyone in to a sex object or why that would be bad, but that's just me.)

Anyway, why do genetic males like this fantasy? I can't speak to all. Maybe some are really gay. Others may themselves feel deep-down that they were born in the wrong body. Perhaps some are just burned out on every other form of *********** and get off on the novelty. Perhaps those exclusively attracted to non-genetic women are experiencing a unique sexual orientation. Maybe they're raging narcissists!

For me, I like the fantasy because when I look at a beautiful, non-genetic woman with male genitalia, it gives proof that they have to struggle and claw and sacrifice for their gender identity and femininity. Simply put: they aren't very likely to take it for granted. In my (un-PC) imagination, this means that the gender roles are clearly defined. She wants to me the woman and wants me to be the man. No gender-based power struggles. The simplicity of that is very appealing to my caveman brain. So ironically, seeing that male organ (which I know many non-genetic women detest) actually signals uber femininity to me when I'm in that fantasy mode.

Then there's the other visual factor. A raging erection is simply a much more obvious arousal cue than a close up of a vagina which may or may not be wet because of natural lubrication. And who doesn't want their partner (fantasy or otherwise) to be aroused?

There are few more points, but these obviously are all general and still within the realm of fantasy. Assuming the non-genetic female is not on HRT, she would have a libido matching my own. Men love libidinous women! And while there's almost certainly no difference in cognitive ability between genders, the non-genetic woman would also have a better understanding of me and we'd communicate much more easily (again assuming no HRT).

That is my long-winded, rambling and highly offensive take on why at least some men love (wait for it) T-girls.
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I love your stories, they are so well written. It's a subject I've never thought of quite frankly however, I always learn something new on ep. I must say, you make a very good case for how you see the attraction and all of it's parameters. Thanks for the insightful read...as usual.