Love The T-girls

How could any person not love us T-girls? We are very exciting, smart, intelligent, sexy women! When I commit to you, you will be very pleased! I.m a handful but you won.t ever be dissapointed!
leesboobs leesboobs
31-35, T
5 Responses May 11, 2012

Once you've had sex with a Tgirl, you'll never even consider a genetic girl again. Tgirls are smart, funny and truly the best experience I've ever had.

correct honey love all T-girls

omg yes you are correct. The most passionate lovers a man can have

I suspect there could be nothing better Lee

With boobs like yours, I'll bet you're right and I won't be disappointed

Really I have never met anyone I Love More Than T-Girls, LadyBoys, Baklas, BaDings or whatever you want to call them but I do find them a bit more dramatic than Natural Born Women...Anyway it doesn't make. If you really make Love to one you will never be satified with anything else and the ones are now are most Beautiful and keep me wanting