I had to use my sons computer this weekend since mine decided to take several days of rest. Nothing a hammer wouldn't cure. But that is another story. This one is about my son or at least what I found. Yes I was snooping as I think all moms tend to do. I haven't approached him yet and not really sure how too, not even sure what I am thinking.

Well I came across a web site called Tumblr and found it contained pics of mostly naked women. Which I understand men and boys tend to look at since I have a brother and husband that I know look at pictures, videos and movies. But there was a section of his site that pertained to, not sure what the proper term is but these were transvestites, transgender, shemales or cross-dressers.

At first I was taken aback by them, couldn't stop looking at all the different girls or men. Not sure what gender or is it a third gender, interesting question. When my computer was back from the dead i too logged on to this site and I am totally mesmerized by the pictures and getting very aroused from looking and wondering what it would be like to be with one of them.

Not sure what or how my son thinks of them but I am finding them interesting. I would love to chat with several and just see what this life style is all about.

Well just a thought on the topic
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I am engaged to a t-girl. Arent they fantastic? Lets be friends. I very much enjoy your extended brwast feeding comments and story as well. :)

I am a cross dresser, wishing I was full time and transsexual. It is just me being me :D

Feel free

mmm i love hot chicks with hot dicks , yummy ;)

Love to chat dianne :)

You are very interesting, would love to talk to you in pm but to do that I need you to add me, would you consider adding me?

Me too!

Have u looke d at the GIF "s yet. They get me hard all the time

I want to do shemale ****. I finally stop running from myself. I've always wanted to please people.

I would love to have a sexual relationship with one. And I seriously think I would fall in love.

Have always had a strong wanting and desire towards tgirls. Never been able to meetup for anything and I've fantasized for 15 years now! One day I hope but seems harder to do as I'm married. Glad you were able to stumble upon this lifestyle. It is a treat and seems like too much fun!

I can't speak for T-Girls, but I do like to Cross Dress, & I have shared this side of myself with a number of women & it was a lot of fun. Some were bi or bi-curious & got really turned on by the way I was dressed. Your son may be into CD'ing or he may be bi/bi-curious. Would be happy to discuss this with you as much as you want. PM me

They fascinate me too. I wonder if I saw one if I could see their adam's apple and recognize their male voice.

Before you do anything, keep in mind that tumblr is a blog site. Make sure it's his blog you're looking at. You could just be looking at the blog of someone he follows, or his main source of ****, and they just have different categories.

New to this site. Did you get any responses or has your interest waned?

I myself have become attracted to looking at these people and find them quite erotic to look at. Many are really beautiful to look at and some no so. I also recently read an article where about 78% of women are attracted to other women where as most men are attracted either to women or men and a percentage are attracted to both. You may be one that is attracted to both as I find myself to be. Shemales as I have heard them called with breasts and great figures are really a turn on for me. I often wonder what it would be like to meet one and have sex with one. I think you may want to have a discussion with your son about sex if you or your husband have not done that yet. Let him know it is OK to look at these pictures because it is a normal thing for people, male or female, to look at pictures of naked people regardless of gender. See what he says. You may even share your own thoughts and feels. It might help to have your husband involved. Also talk to him about what you have seen and your feelings. You already know he looks at videos, etc. He too may also be looking at these pictures too. It may open up a whole new experience for you all.

If you ever have the chance to get to know one or two of these women, you will notice they have the inner beauty of someone who had to battle against personal and social prejudices. It takes a lot of courage for gay people to come out of the closet, let alone for anyone to change gender!

Attitude-wise, you'll see a combination of the best of females and best of males. Indeed, I think they should be considered a third gender.

The little I do know and have read I agree with you

Don't take my word for it, be daring and adventurous, get to know them. Granted, many of the ones you'll find will be prostitutes but it doesn't change the fact they're human, went through some major struggles and always could use some understanding.

Do be conscious that while you're snooping around, your son might be too. Try not to keep skeletons in the closet.

Oh I have lots of skeletons,LOL so not worried there, As to being upset about a girl being a prostitute, I have two friends that are very well paid girls, doesn't bother me at all.

hiya if you ever want to chat just message me x x x amy x x x

If I am on I would love to chat, I love chatting

I don't think theres anything wrong with it.Some transsexuals look amazing and I think that if people were honest, they would agree that there turned on by them!
Were all the same really! X

I must admit they are very interesting

Thanks for looking into it b4 jumping to conclusions b4 knowing. I'm no expert but I have experimented since about 5 yo. Hope you find what your looking for and no matter what Have Fun.!

I am trying to keep a very open mind and learn all I can


i find transexyuals to be very sexy. I am very aroused by them.

Yes i too get aroused by them

i ever been with one but think i would cause i love the ****

As a fairly young guy growing up in the age where every young guy has his own computer and online *********** is very accessible I thought I would share my two cents regarding your son. First, I wouldn't approach him about this subject just for the sake of saving him embarrassment, but as people in general it's natural to experiment or be curious. I know for myself and others sometimes part of the arousal in looking at transexual *********** is that you can imagine the penis in the scenes is yours (something guys are used to doing from POV style ****), and then you have seemingly female eyecandy to look at as well.

Funny you mention the imagining that the penis is yours when you watch any ****. I must admit when I watch **** I imagine that the girl or more precise the vagina is mine and I am having that sex. Love both the male and female eye candy too

I have a transgendered partner and have been with this person for about a year. I was curious and one day decided to reach out to a tgirl on a dating site and found her. I myself am not tg but I like to think of myself as a man in touch with his feminine side who accepts he is a man but would also be comfortable as a woman. I've never been able to have healthy relationships with women...but ever since Ive met this person....its like having the best of both worlds and Ive never been happier. Our gender identity issues complete each other....its very hard to explain. Anyways, I highly recommend exploring your curiosity like I did, you may be pleasantly surprised :)

Sounds like you have a wonderful relationship. Shows that there is always some one for everyone.

I would love to be your first T-girl. While I have lived much of my life as a man, inside me I am a woman for sure. I love the feeling of my breasts, but love them being touched even more, especially by another woman. Yes, those pictures are definitely arousing for me, but being with a woman as a T-girl, is so much more arousing, exciting, invigorating, and sexy. Go for it some time. I know that I would love to be your experiment. ;)

Interesting! Our family teaches everyone to give and received pleasure with both I have no personal experience with transgender. Transvestites are a lot different in that they are basical heterosexual but enjoy the look and feel of female apparel..have fun with it...such pictures can get very HOT

Yes pictures are very arousing guess its the thought of being with one.


coming from someone who has problems with this i'd have to say that being tg usually sucks cause it would be so much easier to have just been born the other gender

My wife and i both love to put on our sexy nightgowns and play together for hours. The sex is so much more uninhibited and anything can and does happen. I just love the feel of satin on my skin and on hers.

love the feel of satin too