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Transgendered Male

Also a transgendered male ( male to female cross dresser) who expresses his feminine side by dressing as a lady, like to chat to open minded people who like transgendered people.
frieda123 frieda123 31-35, F 9 Responses Jul 23, 2012

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I would really like to have a sexual experience with a t-girl but have no idea how and were to start. Its amazing I found a site like this! Sometimes I'm not sure if I want to dress around like this or fall in love with someone who does. How do you know?

I love pencil skirts and blouses, with pantyhose and court shoes.

hi , i am very fond of ladyboys and have had many satisfying sexual encounters with ladyboys mainly from asia and i am not gay

Hi frieda123, I'm Steffan, a male to female cd. I'd love to chat.
What do you like to wear etc.

Where has everone gone? I was hoping we could have some really good chat on here.

Me, I wish I could dress more often. My wife's at home all the time at the moment. I'm really missing wearing my girly clothes. I have some lovely print leggins and some wonderful athleats pants to try. These pull every thing in really firmly,,mmmm.

Anyone else wearing anything nice today?

Hi I'm Stef, new to this forum. I'm really glad to have found this thread. I too am a male who likes nothing more than to dress in my lovely girly clothing. I dont claim to look like a female but really enjoy the feeling of the diffrernt materials and the tightness,,,oh the tightness mmm. I'm very slim so can fit into some lovely teen/trendy clothing. Unfortunately it has to be infrequent and carefully done as my wife thinks I'm wierd.

Loving seeing there are more people on the forum. I'd enjoy chatting to anyone who is interested, answering any questions you may have.


I only wish I was a passable T-girl. I think it is the most wonder feeling dressing in a thong, short skirt and heels and then watch the boys check out my ***

To zcrock79, we can chat if you want to.

any thing that you wanna chat about im game! im willing to explore everything and also willing to take orders and prove that I have done them

I am very interested in all of the trans gender roles of life, willing to chat as well