Transgendered Male

Also a transgendered male ( male to female cross dresser) who expresses his feminine side by dressing as a lady, like to chat to open minded people who like transgendered people.
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31-35, F
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I would really like to have a sexual experience with a t-girl but have no idea how and were to start. Its amazing I found a site like this! Sometimes I'm not sure if I want to dress around like this or fall in love with someone who does. How do you know?

I love pencil skirts and blouses, with pantyhose and court shoes.

hi , i am very fond of ladyboys and have had many satisfying sexual encounters with ladyboys mainly from asia and i am not gay

I only wish I was a passable T-girl. I think it is the most wonder feeling dressing in a thong, short skirt and heels and then watch the boys check out my ***

To zcrock79, we can chat if you want to.

any thing that you wanna chat about im game! im willing to explore everything and also willing to take orders and prove that I have done them

I am very interested in all of the trans gender roles of life, willing to chat as well