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So yes, being bisexual - mostly heterosexual, I do get the urge for a nice ****. My M2M experiences normally just simply happen unexpectedly - (i am always open for any sexual experience) but the odd times i went to a bar with the mission to pick up a guy for sex.
So one night i go to a gay-club purely to get laid by a guy. Being bisexual, and mostly straight, i look the part. Ordered a BEER and up comes this woman to chat me up. From the voice i could hear its a guy, but the looks, ****, the most gorgeous ******* woman.
Now, i dont like fems. I normally like ******* manly guys - dont like the queens, dont even like chatting to them. But this was intriquing and we started chatting.
She asked what i was doing there and I said i wanted to get laid. She replied she liked it and found my quite laiable (ha ha). I replied that hey, i liked ******* but being bisexual, i sometimes want to be ******. She said that can be arranged. So, i asked where she stayed and she said close by. I said i have nothing to loose, and she should show me what she has got.

I went like a normal heterosexual hookup - getting someting to drink, sit on the couch, stated nibling my ear and kissing. Unzipping my pants and sucking my ****, but when this ladies **** came out, it was extremely sexy. She was beautiful, soft lips, ******* sexy ****, but a with clean shaven huge (might i add) **** instead of a *****. This somehow just turned me on. And i started sucking that **** while she ******** her clothes off. We got naked and kissed and sucked each others ****. She even booby-****** my ****. At one stage she was sucking my ****, coming up and kissing me, then lifted my legs and kissed my peri-anal area, licking and sucking my balls. Came back and we kissed and went back down to suck my balls and then starting sucking and licking the anus, gently playing with it. At one stage, I came into her mouth and she used my *** to lube my hole. Normally this play will go on a bit. I reached out to get the packet of condoms and with me strecthing, she started nibling my perianal area and stuck a finger in my ***. This was ******* amazing, i even dropped the packed of condoms. She played with her fingers in my *** - i never had that feeling before. While playing with my ***, sucked my cocked. Pulled her finger out, sucked a bit more and kissed me, then went down again, I reached out to get the condoms but before i knew it, i felt the fingers in my *** and then suddenly something huge. She had her **** inside me and then suddenly pressed harder sticking the full lenght into my ***, the pain was extreme and then suddenly it felt like the earth was moving. The **** was huge and it felt like my anus was tearing apart, but there was this bursts of feeling like i was on top of the world. She started ******* me harder and harder rubbing my nipples. My **** grew harder and she played with my balls and the tip of my penis and suddenly i felt a warm sensation in my anus as she blew her load. It was my first bareback experience with someone shooting their load into me. The feeling was amazing, she pulled out, took some *** as lube lubed up her anus, the kneeled ontop of me grabbed my hard **** and lowered herself ontop of me. My **** slipped in extremely easily as her anus was loose as hell. She rode me like a horse until i started shooting load for load into her anus.
She got up, kissed me, gave me my clothes and said I must leave.

That was ******* amazing, i lid up a sigarette and went back to the bar, I needed a drink, this was amazing.
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7 Responses Jul 25, 2012

Wow, what state were you in?

Awesome and is my ultimate dream .

A ****** hot and amazing story!!!

I woild love to try it some time soon...

think I had a dream like that once, or maybe it's just something I wish would happen.

Wow what a amazing story!

That was fantastic! I'm soooo horny now!! I usually like watching guys **** but that desc<x>ription was gold....WOW ;)