Most Amazing

I had little or no experience with transgender woman,only the clown dressed like a woman with big squirting titts and a big rubber **** under the dress ..some cheezy ***** joint when I was really young(too young) so that's all I knew...when I began to get older and the adolesent anger decreased(some) I began to realize through my own issues of being one of societies outcast, that maybe the whole perception of others precieved deficencies were crap  I began to think and feel differently about the various gender question...of course, the most critisized,attacked and degraded were the family of transgendered people. Although I didn't understand or was not in a position to investigate..nor did I have a clue..what,why or if it even mattered  that these people continued to take all this crap ,,,, fast forward several years...I had the oportunity, no priviledge, to meet and spend some time in the company of a couple of transgender woman, now, the interesting part of my education was I was able to experience 2 sides of this coin the first was very close to my first experience at the ***** club. A pretty but mostly unkept woman that used her female accessories like props in an on going and very badstand up act where her vulgarity and demeaner invited harassment, redicule and at times physical harm and danger...I now understand that she wasn't comfortable with who she was but lived in the idea of what she was...what a painful and scary place for a heart to live......but that's not what I want to share,the second lady(notice the difference) was physically as pretty except her outward appearence was 1000 times more beautiful...I was honored to spend some quality time with her and began to understand a few things...about and about myself she truly had the spirit and the soul of a lady and because she was born in an incorrect body there were some choices to be made( I believe this is the only area where "it's a choice" actually applies) either live life in the knowledge that your a lie or embrace the heart and soul that GOD created and take whatever measures are comfortable to the spirit and move toward that place. That she did and expressed a peace and happiness,even with all the crap(to whatever degree) that came from the free of the ignorant and weak...not just straight people, but some in the transgender commuity as well...she only had the courage to go forth with the dignity and grace they did not pocess....We never had sex and although she was physically attractive to me,it was about we shared a friendship of sorts for a bit...I still am amazed by even the strength she had to share these moments of greatness in character with a stranger...God Bless her...Since then I've had opportunities to have conversations w/ transgender woman and the trueladies exhibit a greater honest,trust and loyalty the most "generic " woman,who seem to have someting to prove of compensate before we want to cut varios parts of my body no means do I lable or put anybobdy i a catagory...this is just my experience, I will say that after several "experiences" I tend to want to find that openness,willingness honesty and courage experience though, is that in this day and age of "all skate " behaviors it's really difficult for a regular guy to be in a position to meet and get to know these ladies without being under a huge blanket of suspicion...Stay with you heart ladies and thank you for the insight into life as a huma being.....
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Aug 19, 2012