I've Become Attracted To T-girls

It's always interesting to me how people evolve. In many ways, I'm very much the same person I was when I was a little kid, and in some ways I'm very different.

I discovered my transvestism at the age of 12. While I had the usual concerns many CDs share regarding my sexual orientation, I always knew deep down insdie that I was not attracted to men. The thought of being with someone sexually that had a penis never appealed to me at all.

As we get older, however, things change. Today, I can honestly say I'm still not attracted to men, per se, however, t-girls are another story. I find many t-girls to be very pretty. I realize that advances in digital photography and software has filled the internet with pictures of genetic females sporting a penis. But I also realize that there are MtoF transsexuals that have transitioned themselves, but have left their original genetalia intact.

I am happily married, and have no plans to ever cheat on my wife. If I was single, and happened to meet a t-girl, and there was a mutual attraction, I think I probably would have sex with her. I'm not sure I could have said this a few years ago, but I can say it now.

I don't think this makes me bi-sexual, but it definitely pushes the line in that direction. I find it very interesting how we can change with time. I think it also has to do with the degree of exposure we have.

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Me too


This story rings so true for me. I can't say that I'm attracted to masculinity, but I have lately become very "bi-curious". Some of the t-girls I've met are so beautiful, that I'm immediately attracted to them sexually. Recently at a club, one t-girl was making "eyes" at me and we struck up a conversation. I was en femme and she was very complimentary to me, thinking I looked pretty. I'm rather small, so I seemed very feminine to her. We ended up in her car deep kissing. This led to some fondling and I felt her stiffening package through her pantyhose. She was more experienced than I (as this was really my first time) and started kissing my **** through my pantyhose. I was nervous as we were in the club parking lot and there was a lot of activity, but also very aroused. Sorry to say, my nerves won out and I didn't go further. However, since then it has sort of broken the barrier in my way of thinking about what I find sexually arousing. Clearly it has a lot to do with sexy, sleek, feminine legs in high heels and pantyhose. What plumbing is at the top is becoming far less important and I can imagine myself now having an intimate encounter with a t-girl.

Indeed - I understand where you are coming from. Something about the sexy legs in pantyhose and high heels really does it for me too.

sexy clothes definitely impact how you react and how you feel. they make me feel sexy and horny and I want to be with someone else dressed in nylons & lingerie and that extra mystique of a cd/ts/tv is a great turn on - hopefully leading to mutual pleasures.

I can understand that as well.

A beautiful feminine face, the soft body and breasts of a sensual female, and the hardness of **** below. I totally understand your feelings. It's like the best of all worlds, kissing the lips, fondling the breasts, and stroking both our and their ***** together. Sweet.

Indeed! I saw a photo in a friend's album here on EP. Beautful feminine face, along with gorgeous breasts and a hard, dripping ****. I was simply mesmerized.

where do you live Hun?

Seattle area

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing. I have to agree with you on many points how ever I could never be with one. Looking and or admiring is one thing. Seeing a non-op Sis in pantyhose with big **** is awesome.

Yes, it is!

I read something very interesting along these lines. A lady's boyfriend was looking at t-gurls on the internet, she found the trail and began questioning whether the bf was gay. She wrote into a sex advice columnist; Dan Savage (I read it weekly btw).

What he said made sense. The bf is still attracted to females but the added excitement and taboo of the penis appeals to some men. Men who aren't attracted to other men. So its kind of like a lady plus if you know what I mean. He's looking at a beautiful Feminine form; and that-s what he is attracted to. Then there's the whole dom/sub dynamic with what a penis represents. It was very interesting and i'Vee often wondered how many TG/Tranny etc types that might apply to here.

Not sure how I miss this comment until now, but that is a really interesting perspective. It makes sense to me, because indeed, the feminine form is attractive and the penis is something of an interesting variation to the female form.

BTW I just loooove those red heels in your profile pic - bet they don't do them in size 12W?

Actually, I think they do. The shoe is by Stuart Weitzman, and the model is the Fever. I know they've discontinued the red patent in this model, but they have similar models in this color.


Well...I stand corrected. I found Stuart Weitzman shoe in size 12 narrow and medium widths, but not wide. They make shoes in wide widths up to size 10, but not larger. Seems odd to me, but that's the way it goes. Check out Zappos (www.zappos.com). They have a very good selection in larger sizes. You can search by size and width, along with many other criterion. Good luck to you.

I have exactly the same thoughts. Love my wife, but if I was single, I'd definetly be going for a tranny, but never see myself going with a guy. Things do change as you get older....

So true!