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Kinda new to looking at and knowing about T Girls. I find them very erotic and sensual. I think and please correct me if I am wrong but I think T Girls kinda lean to loving men. My questions is would they ever be with a women and can a women get pregnant being with one. I have this strong desire to look for a relationship that is friendly and that could lead to something more. Just wondering, not interested in crossdressers but true T Girls.
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I watch tons of transsexual ****. I imagine being with a pretty, girly one with big ****. I love boobs so much and the thought of playing with them and having a chance to do some oral with a nice **** too makes me so very hard. I rarely fantasize about doing stuff with a guy but I see trannies completely differently (as we all should).

I'll watch scenes with them with a guy but prefer seeing them slamming their **** in a woman's *****.

I also love lactation so very much (hence I'm smitten by you), and occasionally I'll find pics or video of a tranny shooting milk out of her **** and that is the ultimate thing that gets me off, especially if she is squirting that milk on a woman.

Well I am sure we had a convo about T-Girls but if you have any other questions about them Diane I'll be happy to answer what I can.

I can show you


I have been curious about the same thing for quite a while now. Thank you for asking the question and I appreciated the thoughtful replies also.

diane, about 15% of us actually prefer women! I know it sounds crazy, to live and present as a woman, to be with other women.........but that is how some of us are wired! i wish there were girls like you in new hampshire! hugs, jazzy

I guess I too am in that 15% ... but I think the percentage is much bigger. If you believe the statistics, very few of us are homosexual and many of us are happily married. While its a little flattering to be hit on by a man when dressed, I would never see myself in a relationship with a man.

I find T girls are such a turn on....

What is there about them, so do I

to me they looks so sexy, like a female, but with a ****...mmmmm

Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.
To answer your question's. Yes a G G can get pregnant from a T G like myself, three children that my wife and I have are proof. I've never been interested in anything male, only into G G's. If you have any further questions feel free to add me as a friend here on E P and ask away.

Thank you

Before the effects of estrogen basically created sterility I could have impregnated a female. The long tem effects of hormones is impotence.

Hi Dianej, further to my previous comment, and to comment on your above post, when I was in my twenties, I met a female' who did not know I was Transgender, and as such I went though a period, for a few years, of Denial' of being Transgender, and stopped taking my female hormone,/ gender reassignment treatment, and married the female in question above, and from that marriage, I had a daughter, who is now 21,I have now been divorced from that marriage, now over 15 years, so to answer your question, you can be pregnated by a T-girl, depending on the Gender / Female hormone medication
that the T-girl is taking, after my marriage ended, and due to not being able to deny
my female feelings, in being Transgender, I then continued, with my female' hormone
treatment,.... in the gender medication / hormone treatment, part of the medication, /drugs prescribed medically, one of them acts as a (chemical castration )
reducing the male hormone, Teresterone and subdues erection of the penis,
when I took up my Gender / female hormone treatment, /medication the second time,
I continued to take the Female hormone treatment,.... but without taking the drug / medication that chemically castrates,... as I had decided, NOT to have the final surgery' to that of physically full female'...... which is a medical choice you can have,..... meaning I stayed as I am, a non-op T-girl,..... and medically that is excepted,
and without having the final surgery, and as I am, being a non-op T-girl, I am recognised medically and Officially as being a Transgender-female'
I made that decision to be a girl' still having my lovely ****, in my panties, as I am Only attracted to females,.. and love to give a female pleasure in every way' being a girl with a ****, because I am a Transgender-female' and Only attracted to females'... I am recognised medically as being a Transgender-lesbian, and is how I like to think of my self as, and as I stopped many years ago from taking the part of gender medication which
chemically castrates, ( as described above ) but continue to take my full female' hormone medication, which enhances intensely arousal and female feelings, / sexual sensuality, and able to have a tremendous erection, and constant arousal, and even allows me to have multiple ******* like a female, and can ***' several times in a period,... meaning I can give a female' tremendous on-going pleasure, and I can make a female pregnant,
PS. hope you enjoy !!

Thank you for your honest answers. I am sorry your relationship and marriage didn't work out and last. I think it would be wonderful to be with a special women and treat her as my equal and share all that we love. I hope you find some one special again.

Love to chat when ever you like.


Hi Dianej. I loved your story, my name is Tracy' I am a genuine, non-op T-girl,
but ( a T-girl of the minority, ) as I am Only attracted sexually' and in every way, to Females, and I would love to chat, and communicate with you, I would love, and happily answer any question you might like to ask, when I was young, and lived alone with my mom and sister, my mom, realised I was different, in that I loved to dress and look like a girl, of which my mom was totally, and lovingly completely understanding about, and as I found out, was also attracted by, and my mom used to dress me as a girl' and allowed me to dress as a girl'.... which I totally adored, and from before that I had always, admired and intensely attracted to my mom, I was the when I was a teenager diagnosed as being Transgender, and later went on to have female' hormone treatment, to enhance my female feelings, and physical appearance to that of female'..... smooth body, female shape and figure, and breast development,.... I will tell you much' more if you communicate with me,…..please add me as a friend, so that we can communicate, which I am sure we could have tremendous mutual pleasure from, I look forward to hearing from you,

Well just to let you know yes there are T-girls like myself that are very much into women as for getting a woman pregnant well that really depends on the girl. In many cases we are for the most part sterile. Thing is it's not a definite thing to be sterile unless they have had the surgery either castration or SRS. I have heard that some transsexuals have actually gotten women pregnant even after being on HRT for several years. I think if you would like to find someone you might want to visit your local LGBT support center. I don't know how reliable the internet is for finding a true T-girl or should I say a Transsexual as most of us find the terms T-girl, Tranny, Shemale, and He-she offensive.

Oh thank you, I have been to a very nice club and have met a few wonderful women. The last thing I want to be is offensive so I will watch how I talk. After meeting a few I did realize that they were truly women in heart and soul.

I seem to have repeated myself and for that I am sorry I should have looked at the responses before typing yet another reply. I truly do feel you will find a girl and her heart will be open and loveing thing is to find her and hold on to her.

Nothing to be sorry for, just shows how caring you are.

Most TransGendered females do lean to men, but I know several that would consider themselves bi, and are quite able to impregnate a woman. There are many that can not really get hard (I think it has to do with the hormones), but I've found in my personal experiences, that most can get hard, and are a lot of fun.

Thank you for your help

In my limited experience, I think you'll find that T-girls are shaped by their life experiences like anybody else. In other words, many of us are drawn to people as much or more than the gender. Being barely out of my teens, my dating experience is still limited, but I am currently dating a beautful young woman and have dated a couple guys (I needed to satisfy my curiosity). I found each relationship different and exciting in its own way but driven by the personality of the person I'm with. I am betting there are a lot of TGs or CDs that will be happy to be with you in a relationship.

Thank you for your response I will take it into consideration

I do not view men, I love women & others Like me. Would like to be your friend & hear of about your experiences. I was formally xkblonde 50 where I wrote alot of material. Stephanie a true TG

Thank you

wana own a str8 sissy slave

If a t-girl still has her testes, then you can still get pregnant, but with hormone therapy, the ***** production really drops and it would be unusual, I think. Those swimmers are really strong, though, so maybe it would be a good idea to be careful. I am a t-girl, for sure, but I am not really drawn that much to men. You can tell from our conversations that is true. It is an individual choice for all of us, so I respect whatever a person chooses.

Thank you all for your answers

Hmmmm...good queation..I may research whether T-girls, with all those estrogens in them are still producing *****..just don't know

I can not say that it happens for all T-girls but there are personal histories in which they have gotten thier wives pregnant. I have personaly read two stories myself of this happening now at waht point in transition they were at I don't recall. Usually it takes months of HRT before a girl becomes sterile but then again even on the most part they are sterile but not completly.

Well Diane
if you have any questions you can ask me anything you like I'm not afraid to educate those interested in understanding T-Girls.

Hello Diane
There are many like myself that are looking for a relationship with a true female. As for the idea of getting pregnant then yes that can happen. There is many a story where a Transexual woman still in transition has gotten thier wife pregnant. Also if a Transexual woman has any plans to have children someday they can take steps to do just that. They can store ***** in a fertility clinic for later use. The one thing you must be weary of though is men that say they are tgirls but are just Transvestites. It seems to me what you are looking for is a Transexual woman in transition or what they call in the **** industry a Shemale. A true transexual woman will never like being called a Shemale but at the same time your new to the world of T-girls I wish you all the luck in finding someone special as I know their looking for you.

Thank you, you have answered so many question I have had. I would never want to hurt or up set any by calling them the wrong thing. Yes this is all new to me and I do want to be correct. I never thought about storing ***** and then using it on their partner. Just something to think about.