My First Encounter With A T-girl

I can't say that I'm attracted to masculinity, but I have lately become very "bi-curious". Some of the t-girls I've met are so beautiful, that I'm immediately attracted to them sexually. Recently at a club, one t-girl was making "eyes" at me and we struck up a conversation. I was en femme and she was very complimentary to me, thinking I looked pretty. I'm rather small, so I seemed very feminine to her. We ended up in her car deep kissing. This led to some fondling and I felt her stiffening package through her pantyhose. She was more experienced than I (as this was really my first time) and started kissing my **** through my pantyhose. I was nervous as we were in the club parking lot and there was a lot of activity, but also very aroused. Sorry to say, my nerves won out and I didn't go further. However, since then it has sort of broken the barrier in my way of thinking about what I find sexually arousing. Clearly it has a lot to do with sexy, sleek, feminine legs in high heels and pantyhose. What plumbing is at the top is becoming far less important and I can imagine myself now having an intimate encounter with a t-girl.
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Incredibly honest

How very, very cool of you.

Good for you. Am new to this site, have you gone further since you posted this message?

I would love to slide our satin smooth pantyhosed legs and thighs as we kiss........the smell of our fragrances mingling........the sound of our moans and sighs..........our lovwly lips pressed together as we pull each other closer and rub our throbbing pantyhosed *****..................

Im a panty boi at heart.Would love to further my xdressing desires. I keep myself very smooth down below, I would love to explore & pleasure other fem xd'g men so long as they're smooth as well. I dont find masuline gay men attractive at all. Would you consider playing with other panty bois?

If I'm feeling that the person I'm with is feminine and sexy, then their "genetic" sex would matter less. I'm aroused by another person's feminine charms.

Very interesting story. I'm sort of where you are but I'm coming at it from the other direction. I've always considered myself a straight guy with no interest in other guys, but I've developed an attraction to t-girls that I can't explain. It stayed within the realm of fantasy until I finally had a sexual encounter with one a few months ago and then again with the same girl some weeks later. You've taken a big step in that direction and my guess is that you will have further intimacy with one of these alluring women in the near future.

I like how you described your experience as being with an "alluring woman", as that is what I'm feeling when seeing them. It's their femininity that I'm sexually attracted to.

That is precisely what I am attracted to - their femininity. People who aren't attracted to t-girls don't get this. They (t-girls) sometimes are more feminine than a lot of biological women.

if you want to continue to explore your feelings there is nothing wrong with that. Your inner voice will tell you when to back off and always try to be safe