I Just Do!

I have to say I love t-girls they are really the only ones that understand me to think that I have found peers on the net. Several years back I thought I was the only person in the WORLD going through this. but that is not the only reason I love T-Girls I have a great big crush in a few t-girl models like I'm sure many people do. My one true wish is to become friends with Sarina Valentina She is the girl of my dreams. (of course I realize it's only a pipe dream)
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3 Responses Oct 21, 2012

you look so nice

Thank you but I am just a normal girl nothing special.

I'm also recently falling for Carmen Carrera. Not sure if drag queens count but I'm really new to all this. Carmen is very beautiful! Sarina's videos on youtube is where I found her. I never seen such a beautiful woman!

I have seen Sarina on you tube but I first saw her on Yum when she was first starting out before she had the body she has now still gorgeous.

I have a crush on her too!!

She is irresistible isn't she.