Singapore Tgirl Surprise

I have had the pleasure of ******* a chick with a ****.
Spent a few weeks in Singapore and met some wonderful women,enjoyed nights out and just loved the Singapore women.
One night after a leaving the clubs I was walking back to my hotel when a lovely young lady asked if I wanted some fun, so of course I said yes so we went to a dark alley and she undid my zip and took out my **** as I played with her ****. She the proceeded to suck my ****, looking up at me with her hungry eyes as her mouth engulfed my hard shaft.
After a few minutes she took her mouth off my **** and looked up at me with a little smile on her face and then told me she had a surprise for me, she sat down and laid back lifting her dress up showing a nice pair of lace panties covering a hard **** then said that she hoped I still wanted to **** her. I was just confused by what was happening but also turned on so I just gulped and nodded yes.
So she turned round and got on her hands and knees offering her arse to me which I eased my **** into and ****** like there was no tomorrow.
welshguy34 welshguy34
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1 Response Nov 26, 2012

That s a great surprise, i wish someone surprise me like that.