I Just Love Them!!!!

They are so freaking sexy,I wish I knew one I would definitely have sex with one.Just my luck where I live there are none :(. I was always fascinated with their appearance but they pay thousands of dollars to look so good I hate to admit it but they are sexier than most women who were born women not all but alot of them look better! It is the best of both worlds!!!! a guy and a girl in one package it doesn't get any better than that. I haven't really told anyone about my attraction to trannies but if the topic were to ever come up I wouldn't deny it.I haven't watched tranny **** but I am temped to watch it one day.

Update I may be attracted to them sexually,I would never date one I am just interested in having sex with one.I don't consider myself pansexual either...I am not sure if I am bisexual more than on the lesbian side or just full on lesbian.They are pretty much the closest thing to a male that i like tbh.I have written several confessions and stories about my sexuality.
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5 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Not sure where you live, but I suspect there are trannies close by. Hope you get an opportunity to take one out for a test drive! LOL

My exact feelings...:)

Not all of "us" have to spend thousands to look as divalicious as we do! Most of my close friends are genetic females but I don't hold that against them ( jk) But you know you might be surprised, there might be one of us "lurking" amongst your mist and you just don't know!!!!

Absolutely! Most are really rather private about there alternate lifestyle, so chances are, you have already met several in your locality. Maybe one will see your story and get in touch.....?

Us transgenders are definately a unique and special brand of person. It makes me smile to see we have another fan. : )

I love trannies!!! Try watching some ****, I think you will love it!!