Midnight Call Part 1

I have had a few weird encounters with t-girls...

So I had been corresponding with a girl from an internet tgirl dating site. She seemed to be more interested in a relationship and all I really wanted was some sex, so it wasnt going too far. She was passable, long dark hair, slim body, with nice ****, flat stomach etc.. So one night I get a text from her around midnight saying she wanted me to come over. She lived about 15 mins away, so I headed over. When I got to her house there was music playing and I could hear talking inside. I knocked a few times then the music went off and it got quiet. I was wondering if this would be where my body was hacked into pieces, but I am a horny guy so I knocked again. She peeked out from behind a shade over the glass portion of the door and just kind of looked at me then put the shade back. After a few seconds I was gonna leave. I saw someone that looked like a very gay man walk away from the side of the house and the front door opened. She was standing in the doorway and invited me in. I dont remember everything she had on, but I do remember the short denim mini-skirt and black, ankle strap heels. She had some luggage semi packed on the floor in the front room and stated she was leaving for dallas the next day. She motioned to the kitchen and said I could make myself a drink, so I went that way. Before I got to the kitchen, she told me to make her one too. I returned to the couch where she was sitting and handed her the drink and sat next to her. She stood up and walked a few steps away. I was honestly rather confused about the vibe and what she was doing. She was very drunk and began telling me how she and her friend got kicked out of a bar for starting some trouble with another tgirl. I just sat and listened as she turned the music back on and continued to talk. She was standing with her back to the fireplace mantle staring at me and looked quite good or else I probably would have left already. She then simply said come here. I took my time and drank slowly from my glass before putting my drink down. I slowly rose from the couch and took my time walking to her. I stood close to her, our torsos almost touching and leaned in for a kiss. She turned her head away as i did this. she did it slowly and teasingly. I moved in for a kiss on that side and she moved her face to the other side. I stood close to her staring her in the face. She tld me to get on my knees. I smiled at her and went to my knees. She had nice legs and I love legs. My hands started at her calves and worked there way up to the edge of her skirt. I was looking up at her the whole time and since she didnt say anything, I slipped my hands under her skirt and carresed her upper thighs and slid one hand around to her *** and the other towards her crotch. She slowly drank from her glass as my hands continued to explore her body. She was not tucked so I could feel her semi hard **** under her panties. I continued to carress her *** with one hand while I stroked her through her panties with the other. I then lifted her skirt and got my first glimpse of her bulge through her sexy black panties. I leaned in and kissed it. I continued to mouth it through her panties and it continued to grow. She told me to take her panties off and I slowly slid them down her legs. When I did, she grabbed my head and aimed her **** straight for my mouth and told me to suck it. I wrapped my lips around her head and swirled my tongue over it. She stopped being passive and held my head and pushed herself further into my mouth. She began to **** my face with her girl ****. My hands were exploring her *** as she continued to pump in and out of my mouth. After a few minutes of this, she stopped moving and told me to suck her. I was loving the feeling of going down on this hot girl. Her **** felt great in my mouth, warm, soft, and hard. One hand reached for her **** to stroke it and she pushed my hand away and slapped me lightly on the face. I thought she didnt want to be stroked so I reached again just to hold her and again she pushed my hand away and slapped my face. Suck it was all she said. It was incredibly hot servicing this dominant hottie. In all our emails, I never got the impression she was anything more than a bottom girl. We continued this for another 5 mins or so then she walked away toward the hall and told me to take my clothes off and follow her. I quickly shed all my clothes and joined her in the bedroom. She was propped up by pillows on her bed naked except the heels. Her hard **** glistening from my spit laying against her flat stomach. she motioned to it and that was all I needed as I joined her on the bed and began to suck it again. This went on another 10 mins or so. She then said how badly she wanted to be ****** and tossed a bottle of lube on the bed near me. She scooted off the pillows so she was flat on her back. I had a condom but it was in my pants in the front room and she kept telling me to **** her, so against better judgement (and being very drunk myself), I lubed up and slid my **** in her ***. She was a hot ****, she was loud and squirmed alot which I like. We went at it a few mins and I kinda propped myself upright and grabbed hold of her legs on my chest and ****** her, then she bent her legs so her shoes were on my chest. I reached down and grabbed her arms under her legs and continued to **** her while she began pushing the heels of her shoes into my chest. It hurt some but with all the endorphins going I thought it was really hot and kept *******. She pushed harder and harder, it hurt more but I kept going till finally she said stop so I pulled out and laid down next to her.

gotta go...part 2 to come...
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Fabulous sweetie