i always wanted to have an epic transgender friend. i hate people who see them as abnormal because they are not. besides, they are people too and should be treated as such!

knowing one thing is good, but having both worlds? it's freaking awesome in my opinion!
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add me, I want to talk more about this with you

add me

I would imagine that since they have both organs they would know just how to treat their lovers Orgon because they both have that organ and the one used to please it ergo they could just do to you exactly what they would want done to them

Hello Ryel, you popped up again. Wasn't it cold last night. I went out for a while dressed from top to toe in gorgeous velvet.

lol, gone on a date or something?

No not really, a friend was playing in a late bar, do you appreciate velvet like me Ryel?

I'm not Ryel but I wanted to comment. xD velvet is a attractive piece of material I suppose but keeping them in good condition can be quite difficult.

The steam of a boiling kettle and a soft brush keeps my velvet stuff in good shape, try it.

I love silk...lol

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I hate it when people hide their attractions for TS gurls. I think there's alot of bi- people but theyre affraid to tell anyone.

I don't know, I think I prefer it because the ones who actually do confess obviously love you more than the ones that hide it.

This ex-NFL player hit on me...omg I was lost for words.lol

What does NFL stands for?

National Football League according to google. I think its a American thing.

National Football League, its a bit like Rugby, but a lot more gay.

do the players wear any heavy protective gear? because if they don't, then yes. it is a lot more gay. XD

Yes. It is that sport.

I think that just shows how society affects them, I guess?

Lol...my fault. I forget, not everybody is from the U.S.

aint that the cool part though? meeting cool people from another country, laughing, crying and letting out their experiences with each other.

Yes, I wish the U.S. was more open to sexx like the rest of the world.lol

I don't see why the world is so sex crazed honestly.

The thought of freedom of sex with no boundries. I think the lack of experience is a bad disease.

Not really. I think I would rather be my lovers first than my lovers thirty-fifth.

No way. Most people take their first relationships as an experience. You can't get madd if they want to leave to explore more. I rather have 35th because they know what they're doing and know how to clean themselves properly. Plus they know what they want because they already explored.lol

That's your opinion. But not mine.

Yep...I know my c*ck isn't small and my hole is tight. I know, I'm very satisflying to others when it comes to my performance. I'm independent and sexxy. You're still young and learning. I didn't learn on my own. I had a sexxy ebony cougar taught me.

you guys are making me blush with all this debate about sex experience. honestly!

Sorry honey, little boys got to be taught. Doggie style and humping at parents house doesn't work anymore. Little TS gurls need to focus on school and finding a career first.

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can you be my friend?

Your very gracious Ryel for one so young(not wanting to sound patronising). Yes a lot of girls are less threatened by a fella in a frock. Males trend to be aggressive in public towards T-girls, but in private they mostly want a quicky and we should all be grateful for their mighty "Tong' ha. Men are such idiots, and yes I agree they really do act like pigs. My gf is a stunning sexy girl and they ignore her at times, because they seem to think im gagging to get in the Gents toilet and down on my knees. Such dopes.

i can't believe guys refer that as their mighty Tong. seriously? to hell with those idiotic men who doesn't seem to have proper education on respect even to your gf! salute to your gf for having the balls that the men seemed to lack there to be with you. :3

I love the transgendered community. I am bisexual and find them incredibly attractive. People are more and more accepting of them. I believe in being what makes you happy not what others want.