Lifelong Love

I sure do love Taco Bell. I last had it in 2008. That is so sad. And I remember when they looked like this.

Kittychanel Kittychanel
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4 Responses Jan 10, 2013

It looked like that in the 70's..early 80's? I don't have a car and Taco Bell is way far from my house...I took the taxi to Target once and saw it..grr

That is an old picture. I don't remember Taco Bell ever looking like that. What is stopping you from going out and getting some taco bell today?

You're a little younger than you remember that look? And the hot sauce came in little tubs with peel-back foil like jams and jellies do in restaurants. Couldn't find a picture of that. Now the hot sauce is a packet and talks to you with an attitude :P

oh em gee, click on the reply to my comment so i don't miss your replies! Was this reply to me? o.o If not then nevermind. I remember that look. And your a hot sauce packet that talks to me with an attitude. =)~

yeah it was to you...haha you're funnnny

Wow flashbacks... (dizzy)