Long Hot Showers

I love taking long hot showers, especially at night with all the lights off!   Pitch black!  Why do I need light?  I know where everything is located!  I find it very peaceful and relaxing; everyone else is in bed and it's dead quiet (except for the shower!)  and dark as Hell. My showers last long enough to run out of hot water. I don't care about the energy cost; it's one of my simple pleasures that I don't mind paying for. I have one of those detachable shower heads and I get the water painfully hot and rinse myself off about an inch away from my body.  Pain & pleasure at the same time.
Fortyeighter Fortyeighter
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5 Responses May 24, 2010

hot showers are great especially at night with the windows open and the warm breeze blowing its excited when your naked and nobody can see you even with the windows wide open fun

anyone there

I love long hot showers --and a rain head in addition to the detachable massager are musts! <br />
I too love it in the dark, but I've since preferred a candle or two..... I love to watch it flicker and how my body looks in candlelight.

Sounds nice!

Long hot baths in the dark are nice too, especially with a nice glass of wine.