After Practise

i am a wrestler,98-103 pounder to be exact. anyway, after practise, which is 2 and a half to 3 hours long, i go take a shower. needless to say, i am exhuasted. i step into the already steaming shower and the water hits my bear foot. a little too hot but i can take it. i emerge the rest of my body. i water my chest, face, and limbs, then my back, and for last i leave my hair. my hair is very long, past my waist, dark and curly. i grab the shampoo, pour some in my hand, and begin to wash my hair. i always keep the water hitting me, it just feels so good. after i rinse my hair out of the shampoo i apply conditioner. then i shave my under arms and perhaps my legs too, careful not to cut myself. when im done i grab my "scruby" rub it with the dove soap until it's nice and suddsy and begin to wash my body. i scrub my arms first, then tummy, breasts, back, bottom, neck, each ear, legs, feet, toes, face, and then vagina or "dangerzone". once im done cleaning myself i look over my many bruises, mostly consisting on my arms. some appear on my legs and maybe a few in the torso region. remember, i am wrestler, this is to be expected. while i look over my bruises i massage my sore muscles and let the water fall on my back. i turn around and sooth my muscles with the water. i stand there and feel the water hit my bare chest and belly, soon i emerge my face. i turn around and drape my hair over my shoulder and rub my neck and shoulders. i am sore. coach has been training us hard getting us prepared for CIF. i must be ready. i open my eyes. i move my hair back into the water and rinse out the conditioner. i part my hair, take the comb, and brush my hair out one side at a time. when im done i put the comb back in its spot by the soap. i stand in the water a little while longer. finally, i turn off the shower and step out.
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Jul 9, 2011