Every Day, Twice A Day

Hot showers are really like a drug to me. I crave them! I take one every morning, then again in the evening. Sometimes I wish I could spend hours in a really hot shower. It's so relaxing to me and helps ease my pain.

I worry because supposedly people who have MS are typically bothered by heat and heat causes them to have flare ups. Luckily, I don't have that problem and I really hope it doesn't ever happen to me! I would be lost without my long hot showers.
TattooedMissez TattooedMissez
26-30, F
1 Response Sep 1, 2011

Just saw this on your prophile was going to let You know being hot and MS dont mix well be carefull!

Thank you for the concern and the warning. I plan to talk to my doctor more about this at my next appointment.