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I like soaping myself. When I feel the soft rub on my skin, all over my body, it is a kind of happyness. I can soap myself for half an hour till I am covered with foam.
Bichou Bichou 51-55, F 6 Responses Feb 7, 2012

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love to give you a hand one day lol

I too showered daily but not alone.Then whois with me-my boy friend and he soaps me till my whole body covered with soap lather and I do it to him an we both lay in warm water bath tub

But wouldn't you love to have a pair of strong hands doing all that soaping for you caressing your whole body with his body??

Mmmmm there wouldn't be any hot water if we showered together!

Only if people continue it! :-)<br />
<br />
I love soaping myself too, but I have heard of, and have tried a couple of times, a technique with egg-white that sounds far worse than it is and leaves you with a very velvety-feeling skin for a time.<br />
<br />
Shower, but not too hot or too long, then allow yourself to dry off naturally, or at least without harsh towelling.<br />
<br />
Using your hands, rub egg-white over yourself. It has a consistency like some shampoos, & it's not as revolting as it sounds. Keep going till you've used it all up. I found one large egg about enough for my body alone.<br />
<br />
Now let it dry. It will feel very strange, as if your skin is shrinking or something, but bear with it. (Pun unintended!)<br />
<br />
Now rinse off under a fairly cool, gentle shower without any soap or shampoo, and dry without rubbing.<br />
<br />
The effect doesn't last long but you feel even more smooth and glossy than usual!<br />
<br />
As for the separated egg-yolk left behind, you can always add it to another, entire egg, for an omelette or scrambled cackleberries!

Nice post,but is it to be continued?