Heavenly Warmth

Warmth cascading
The heat of my body
I feel like floating
My long hair falling down
Feeling the touch of fingers
That slide through the trickling trail
Warmth that unites body and soul
Satisfying the thirst of heat
The fragrance that comes from the skin
Breathing between sighs
The sensation of the touch
Warm water flowing on my eloquent body
Hot moisture pleasure
Heaven by water
Feeling the drops running
Down through my legs
Thick drops soaking
Peace and relaxation
FallenAngelWOOT FallenAngelWOOT
31-35, F
3 Responses Nov 17, 2012

give me a Jacuzzi.

Oh you saucy minx! This is great angel!

Hahahaha...it's only implied ;p

*Coughs* ahem, you will find that's what makes it so good! Teases work!

hehehe hope you get teased! :D

You and me both!

lmao :D

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.... *runs of for a 'cold' shower* XD