Love Those Long Hot Showers

There’s nothing like a nice long hot shower…the way the water feels when it first hits my head, running through my long hair…making it wet and slick. Then runs down my face, I close my eyes and just hold my breath feeling the hot pebbles wash all my worries and stress away.
I grab my favorite shampoo and conditioner…filling the room with such awesome aromas. Use my soap...lather up my hand towel and run it along my neck and shoulders, it feels so good. Sliding… hot sudsy water trickling…cascading down my tummy, my entire body.
My fingers touching, tracing, just following the flow of the water as it travels down all my curves…down my thighs all the way to my feet.

So sensual…leaving me feeling so clean and refreshed.
I just love it, I feel so free…It is pure ecstasy!
InnerBeauti InnerBeauti
2 Responses Dec 15, 2012

now I need a shower.. a cold one.

Thank will take that as a compliment :)

Yes! Hard to beat a hot long shower.I get two in minimum a day,in the summer often three.I feel so good and refreshed after getting in a hot shower that I feel the most alive .
Thank you for sharing this. just have to love scrubbing up! Nice to come out of the shower...feeling relaxed and clean...what I wonderful feeling *smile