Having a long hot shower is the highlight of my day, so much so it has become a twice a day ritual. When I come home from work, I have a shower; it helps me to unwind and I usually sleep like a baby. Then first thing in the morning,I have a shower; makes me feel really fresh, alert and ready for the new day ahead. Even after a night out clubbing, doesn't matter what time I roll in if its 3,4,5 o'clock in the morn guess what?.. I'll take a long hot shower, sounds crazy but its true! once I'm in there its almost impossible to get me out. In fact, the only thing that stops me is the amount of water I consume cos I'm all for saving the planet etc. I once stuck the plug in the bath just to see how much water I used.. It was alot but still not as much as having a bath. I honestly think that showers are underated and every household should have one and if not.. you need to get one TRUST ME!!!

Celebr8ionmoi Celebr8ionmoi
31-35, F
Nov 15, 2009