Long And Hot

SHOWERS!!! :I bet there were some perverted people out there: =D

I love taking the longest showers EVERYDAY under HOT water. Its just MY time to relax. I turn on the music and just stay there. I dance and sing under the shower. Up until someone always decides to interrupt my shower time. Go figure. Its one of those things that I do, on my own turf. My own little thing. Its the time I take to reflect on the things going on, on what I can change and the things I cannot. Its my IQ booster too.

Ever gone to take a shower and while in the shower your brain went EUREKA and figured the solution or answer to a question/doubt/problem? THAT HAPPENS TO ME ALL THE TIME teeheee

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10 Responses Nov 16, 2009

I want to take a wet shower with u !!!!

hot showers are awesome when its really cold in the morning. I could stay in there all day.

hot showers are awesome when its really cold in the morning. I could stay in there all day.


HAHAHA!!! That's priceless!

I once in the shower solved the eternal question of the purpose for our existence on this planet. Unfortunately, as I stepped out, I slipped on the floor and hit my head on the toilet thus causing me to forget it. I also had a hard time remembering what number comes after 7 for a while, but c'est la vie.

that sounds EPIC! I need a warm relaxing bath now, because your post convinced me to do so.

A nice long 1hour+ bath can do the same thing though the water beating down on you is nicer but showers take more water.Bubble baths are great with your fave music playing,a few candles,a glass of wine and drift away.....

maybe I should be allowed to take tests in the shower! I'd score so much more higher XD

wow wish that happened to me - maybe you should have done your homework in there or something :P <br />
i just relax and take time to reflect on my day, im a simple creature me :)