Let My Boyfriend Have Them

I finally let my boyfriend have his way and modeled some clothing for him. One thing led to another, and he had me down to my bra and undies, then only my undergarments, then nothing.... It wasn't really all that strange, because I modeled for art classes in school, Photography is different because your doing lots of poses and its really you. Anyhow, I loved the results, as well as all of my friends. So I'd do it in a heartbeat again, only now, I'm not seventeen....
JanieNudiePants JanieNudiePants
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4 Responses Dec 8, 2012

I am sure you look lovely in lingerie and sleepwear. I choose and buy all my Wife's panties, bras and her sleepwear as well. She chooses what to wear from her collection and if I were to choose poorly she would not wear what I purchase for her. I must be doing well because she wears almost everything I buy for her and her collection is extensive. She looks AMAZING in anything she wears. I choose with her in mind - not so much me - pretty and comfortable things - the right fabrics, timeless classic respectful styles - nothing sleazy - sensual - feminine - with more than a bit of mystery and style to it.

I used to have pics like that of me and a gf from my late teens but alas after a few years a new gf found them and burned them....how I wish I still had them to look at.

Girlfriends have a tendency to do that... after all, they're the competition. Have to admit, I have, too!

Hahaha....well yes i can see the reasoning why!

I like doing that too. Love pictures.

I guess today its a lot easier.... better cameras, and ways to 'develop' images.

I bet you looked beautiful

I like them now... they're fun to look at...