Has anyone here heard of something called Kratom? If you've heard of it, ever taken it, or want to know more about it, message me!!! I'm not selling it or anything, oh and it's legal, I just wanna kinda spread the word..... It's kinda changed my life.....
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Well. I was a very heavy opiate user (pain killers, vicodin, oxy whatevers, hydrocodone, etc...), and I finally found a way to basically quit, and it was with Kratom..... It's a tree that grows, can't remember exactly but I think Southeast Asia, and something in it's leaves has opiate potential, and you can purchase it online (reccomended) or at almost any novelty shop..... It makes you feel alot like your opiate did, but not quite as strong, but still enough to quite real opiates if you truly want to.... and it is 100% natural. Comes in dried leaves powder or capsules. I MUCH more prefer the capsules. If you guys have any more questions, google Kratom...... It will bring up quite a bit of info!!! :-D

To be honest, I still love and will take pain killers when possible, but I also enjoy the Kratom as well.

Nope! But how did it change ur life?

Noooooooobody's interested?????