Pills Pillz Pills!

I love taking pills, pep up diet pills, caffiene pills, anti depressants, anti anxiety, sleeping pills....pills are great for me.  I wish I could do coke but it is so expensive.  I wish I knew all of the best pills to take for weight loss, for happiness, for euphoria.  I certainly have my own list!  It makes me feel as if I am curing myself, or improving myself, or as if i am accomplishing something.  Anybody else on the same page here?
girlkitty79 girlkitty79
26-30, F
1 Response Jun 14, 2007

Yea I feel the same way. I wish I could get something more than over-the-counter stuff though. I know diet pills are available otc, but are anti-depressants and anti-anxiety pills? If so, what are they called, so I can get some. Let me have a recipe or something that will make me feel good. :)