Well, here's half of my face.
Xo12345 Xo12345
22-25, F
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wow omg. you are totallllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy GREAT>>>>>


You are Gorgeous!!

Thank u!

How has your weekend been?

Great! And yours?

Ugh ur smile is perffff im jealous

Don't be! Thanks a lot though, means a whole lot :)

Your beautiful!
Im sure the other half is exactly the same.
Pat x

Very pretty!

You are a very beautiful young lady

Oh no. You have only half a face and that's so beautiful. What happened to the other half?! The Lord giveth and the Lord slasheth away

nice half...

Very pretty


awe your eye is so pretty :) and yea you are prety. and a beautiful smile . :)

Thanks a lot :)

your most welcome :)

Awh you're pretty!!

Thanks girlie:)

You are a beautiful Young lady:)

Thank you very much!

You have amazing smile !

Thank you so much :) I appreciate it

I don't see any flaws, your so perfect :p

Far from it but thank u:)

I like taking selfies too. Most will stay forever hidden, though.

Like the other half of my face!


Did you lose the other half? Or did you hide it for later?

Sorry if I offended you.

I guess I lost it building the other half :p

I can send a search team if you want to. Just give me a thumbs up

Naaaaa I'm okay. I'll find it when I have the time

Good luck :D

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Oh no! I'm passing out! 😧

You should contact your country's ambulance services

Can't.. Passed out.. Too much pretty...

How are you typing?

I.. Magic?

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I'm Brian!! I would love to chat with u!! U deffinately seem like a cool chick!!

you're GORGEOUS!

Thank you! :) you're so sweet!