Boyland And Independence

Survey for girls.

What were the last three songs you listened to by a male?
Just In Love by Joe Jonas
Open Your Eyes [To Love] by LMNT
Bless The Broken Road by Rascal Flatts

Do you go for guys or girls?
There is a man I love already named Joe

What five things would a boy have to do to make you not want to be his friend?
Disrespect my feelings
Slander/Discredit me
Abuse me
Disrespect my religious/political views
Try to kill me or have me killed

What five things would a boy have to do that would sweep you off your feet?
Be a Christian since I am a Christian.
Help disabled people/Care about them since I am physically disabled.
Be into writing since I am a writer.
Have confidence with his looks in society but not have an ego that allows him to think he's all that and more, since self-loathing is not attractive to me. We all have looks that some don't like. It is called a difference of opinions, not fact, if some think you are hot and others don't.
Love animals but still be okay with eating meat, since I love animals and eat some meat.

Do you talk differently to the males just because they are male?
No. If I talk blunt, I talk blunt. I feel like it would patronize their intelligence if I talked one way with the girls and another way with them, just cause they have parts I don't. Some of them have actually asked me to talk to girls though, like if I talk about my period or bras and such which has me laugh. To me, talk is talk. I don't get gender-biased when talking about personal stuff. I guess it's one of those things I'll never grasp. To me, personal does not matter unless it is in the range of a male trying to woo me from another man I love. Other than that, private parts don't make or break what I talk about when we talk if we are true friends.

Random Stuff
What was the last thing you ate?
Dragon Roll Sushi - soft, sticky, white rice coated in white sesame seeds [as opposed to the black sesame seeds], rolled up and stuffed with goodies inside. avocado strips wrap the rice on the outside. inside the rice is a sheet of seaweed lining the rice, strips of crab and strips of cucumber. on the sushi, shoyu is lightly poured [I love eating avocado with shoyu from my time in Hawaii] and wasabi sauce is squeezed in excess on top of the slices of sushi.
Salmon Sushi - soft, sticky, white rice patted into a long ball and raw salmon is on top of it with wasabi between the rice and salmon; but I put wasabi sauce on top of it.
Spicy Tuna Sushi - soft, sticky, white rice stuffed with goodies inside. the rice is lined on the outside with a sheet of seaweed. inside the sushi is raw fish, cucumber and spicy zesty sauce. I put wasabi sauce on top of it.

If a girl wanted you to gush about her appearance, how would she have to dress? Give complete details.
Wow! This is different. Um, let me see.
blonde hair, darker eyebrows, slanted or arched eyebrows, makeup that does not look like she's copying everyone else if she chooses to wear makeup, a wardrobe that can show she as an individual is strong, courageous, beautiful, confident, a fighter. Some females are strong but not courageous and vice versa. Some females are beautiful but not confident and vice versa. Some females stay in bed instead of getting up and doing something. Even if just going to the couch is all you can do, it is a fight you won instead of staying in bed if something bad happened to you. Fights don't have to be huge. They can be subtle and tiny. My kind of gushing to the girl is in favor of her inner fight that I can see, her personality that I can see in her eyes and smile, her creativity I can see in her fashion art, her will to not look like or be better than the girl next to her but rather be happy with what she has and how far she has come in life's daily struggle to survive.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
Sep 11, 2012