Personally In Depth

Basics: Tell me the basics about you
How old are you? 35
What is your race? 1/2 Chinese, 3/8 Black, 1/8 Choctaw Indian
When were you born? 1977
Who do you have feelings for? Joe
Where do you live? USA
Why did you fill this survey out? Because I wanted to

Wit: Answer the same questions above but with witty answers
How old are you? As long as I have been living
What is your race? Human
When were you born? When my mother gave birth to me
Who do you have feelings for? Not you
Where do you live? I live where I reside
Why did you fill this survey out? I felt like it

Love :Give ten reasons you love the man or woman you love:
1. Joe likes making people smile for positive reasons, not negative reasons.
2. He likes making people laugh for positive reasons, not negative reasons.
3. He likes helping people out.
4. He is successful in heart towards others who are in need of a smileĀ and God blesses him abundantly for it.
5. He has strong, positive family ties.
6. He is not afraid to cry if someone hurts him.
7. He does not go around demeaning women.
8. He does not speak low of himself just to get others to pity him and pay attention to him.
9. He has been beaten up in life many times but he has always gotten back up and survived.
10. He loves life though life doesn't always love him; but he still has a beautiful smile through it all.

Music: What is the last song you listened to that you favored or starred on your playlist that your friends may not know about and when did you add it?
1. Purified by Tamar Kaprelian - I fell in love with the song in 2011.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
Sep 14, 2012