Stating The Unusual

In chronological order of when you started liking any of their projects, which celebrities do you like that have the same first name of the one you romantically love?
Joey Lawrence
Joey Fatone Jr.
Joey McIntyre
Joe Jonas
Joseph Jaime

Which gender are you: Female
Which gender do you go for: Male
Which gender do you dress as: Female

What can your gender do that is a dominant habit of your gender?
Give birth

What can the opposite gender do that is a dominant habit of their gender?
Er, um, I would say pee standing up but I met girls who did that when they visited other countries. So, uh, I'll go with the obvious one: They can get a girl pregnant.

What ten things in existence do you think provide the biggest controversies in discussion?
1. Religion
2. Politics
3. Animal rights
4. Human rights
5. Fashion
6. Women's rights
7. What constitutes abuse, tough love, love quarrels and when to step in and when to stay out
8. Music
9. Premeditated terroristic crimes
10. Career

Without naming names, describe five unusual looks you love in Hollywood on your gender:
1. One girl, from a former favorite tv drama series packed with controversies that we deal with in the real world, has red hair and brown eyes and both are natural on her. We as viewers saw her baby and kid pictures.
2. One girl, from a former favorite tv drama series about the military, is a natural blonde but dyes her hair black and wears gothic fashions. She trades between black, dark red and dark blue lipstick.
3. One girl, from an Internet group of girls who model and are notorious for their unusual fashions and controversies, dyes her hair cotton candy pink and puffs it out leaving her bangs straight and tiny.
4. One girl is a fair blonde but uses fake tans, chopped her hair off and wears it short, spiky and jet black; and wears gothic fashions, which all make her natural gray eyes stand out which didn't really stand out with her pinkish skin and light blonde hair.
5. One girl is a fair blonde but uses fake tans and dyes platinum/black streaks in her hair which she puffs and layers.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
Sep 19, 2012