Blow Out The Candles

Wondering through the dark is like finally being in a lover's arms. When the walls of black close in you so can feel night's velvet touch caressing your flesh - then finally you are safe and loved, in love.... breathe in the scent of empty streets, or better yet: shrouded forests, veiled groves, shadowed woods - crossing lush summer grasses beneath a howling moon or sighing stars. Falling autumn leaves break through ebony silence and I know there is possibility of heaven - finally!
The only time I really feel like being alive is when I get to take long walks through the night, through inky blackness: finally the world reflects the emptiness in my heart. Safe from scrutiny.... my waking eyes touch their dreams against an onyx world of shadow.
Moment to nocturnal moment... hopefully my death wish comes true.
menschfeind menschfeind
Jul 20, 2010