So I had been sexting with an 18 year old. She showed me her *****, I had showed my ****. Later on I found out she has a thing for men in panties, and I had told her of my thing for women's regular panties like the kind from Hanes her way. We get to some talking and she convinces me to put on a pair of panties for the first time in my life.. I before doing it I had to think about it because, the source of these panties is another story. My sister moved out a few years ago and get bra panties her still left. In a box. While cleaning I noticed a pair. And I said what the heck, I take of my boxers and put these bikini style Victoria secret Leopard print size medium undies on. I almost came in the most tinyest piece of fabric to go on my crotch. In fact my **** was sticking out of the waistband.. Suprised it even fit me.
satish89 satish89
26-30, M
Aug 16, 2014