Ticklish Chats

I love to chat to others that have the same interests such as tickling! So if any of you want to chat, just drop me a message!

A little bit about myself..
I am preferably a ticklee than a tickler, i love being tickled with eager wiggling fingers or to feel the long stroke of a soft feather against my skin.
My mosy sensitive spots are my underarms and feet!

Dont hesitate to get in touch! :)
TickleMeGently TickleMeGently
18-21, F
28 Responses Aug 2, 2010

I'd love to talk about tickling with you!

wanna tickle chat?

Add me please , we can tickle chat..........I LOVE LOVE LOVE TICKLE

Let me know when you are ready ;)

*b oops!

id love to chat huge tickle guy n definately love tickling feet write me nack if u wanna chat :-)

...i would love to 'get in touch' with you...quite literally...my fingers, with your sensitive little underarms (...my absolute FAVORITE spot to tickle a gal, but not to the exclusion of your other sensitive spots too !!! lol )...you game ?!?!...let's chat !!! ;)

Im ridiculously ticklish and 15 message me if interested in talking about tickling

i would loved to talk about tickling with u . i have a big foot fetish and tickling too , i could talk to u all day . whats ur fav spot to grt tickled . i would love to tickle ur feet with a fethear and my fingers ohhhhhhhhhhh dreams xx

i also totaly love tickling and being tickled its perfctly normal . i just wish i could find a tickling parnert . i love tickling girls feet the most with stockings ohhhhhhhhhhh yes

I would love to tickle you on your feet for as long as i could tickle your toes listen to your sweet laughter.

I am caught between 2 chats right now!

gr* you can admit to it! Me too. People always want to poke and tickle me!

May I tickle you? I can go into great detail :-)

I'd luv to chat about tickling I could add you to my circle and we could have a long convo about tickling

i am new member so i dont know what i have to say well just manage

me too i love being tickled but id like to run a few strokes up and down ur feet with my fingertips

Looks like we have a lot in common :) I love being tickled too!

You need to be tickled by the best. Me.

I will chat hit me up , i'm new

tickle tickle

I would like to talk with you sometime...let me know :)

lets chat id love to talk about tickling with you

hi send me an IM and well chat

would love to talk, hit me up;)

i also love chatting to ticklish women about tickling could do it for hours.

People that I have chatted to have been really nice. and it's good to hear from others!<br />

I won't. Send me a line.