My Dad The Tickling Master

Although loved him dearly, I realize now that my Dad was a bully. He was king of the house, and if he said do something, you did it, without questions. That went for my Mom too. If Dad said he wanted her to do something, it better be done. Dad didn't hit. he didn't call names of throw things, but he got his point across, just giving her a look. She would, though, talk back the whole time she was doing what he told her to do.

"Think you're king around here? Bull ****! If I leave, you'll be up the creek!" that sort of thing. Most of the time Dad would just let her go on, and even laugh about it. But every so often he'd had enough, and the next thing yo knew, Dad had Mom over his shoulder, carrying her to the bedroom, and she would be yelling at him to put her down,

"I'll stop! I'll shut up, John- put me down!"

Dad would dump Mom- who was little and very, very Cute, down onto the bed, and be on her, straddling her, in a second. That is when he's just tickle the ever loving crap out of her, for as much as 20 to 30 minutes at a time! He'd be taunting her "You're not saying **** now, are you?? Huh? You wanna say anything? What'd you want to say now, Delores?" and Mom would be laughing so hard, she couldn't speak. Her face would be all red, she's have tears rolling down her cheeks. My Dad would really get her into a state, then call my brothers in and say' See this? Your woman starts running her damned mouth and wont shut up- you take control. You show her who's in charge." 

By now, Mom was nearly hysterical, and sometimes she's have wet herself, which dad thought was funny as all get out. He would say "De;ores, my God, did you **** yourself again? Girl- that's another 5 minutes for you!" and tickle her for a few more minutes. .

It was years before I realized Mom was into this stuff, and actually would provoke dad on purpose. it was like a game with them. My brothers pointed it out to me. Ed said to me once, "Ever notice how Dad would tell us to go watch TV in the family room downstairs so he could "get your Mother in line"? They were screwing! They were both turned on!"

Danny , my other brother, told me once, he'd heard Dad tickle Mom hard one night, when we were all in bed ( except Danny, of course) and when Dad had stopped, he'd said to Mom, "I bet your ***** is wet. Is it?' and Mom said "Why don't you check and see?"  They were screwing away in a matter of seconds.

Dad tickled my brothers too, sometimes, but he usually got them to join him in tickling me. I was the youngest and the only girl, so I was a pretty natural target. Dad would tell my brothers "Get Missy down for me, we'll make her tinkle." One would sit on my thighs and one would get my wrists over my head and sit on them. ed and Danny would tickle my ribs and underarms for awhile. I'd be laughing so hard my belly would ache, and I would need to "go" so badly! Then Dad would start on my feet, which was just pure tickling torture! Dad knew how to tickle my feet better than any one ever has. He knew that my arches were not particularly ticklish but the base of my toes and the balls of my feet were insanely ticklish! He had figured out that if he drummed his fingers on the soles of my feet- just below the base of my toes- he and the brothers had me completely dominated, and I was soaked in no time! Once, Danny got the brilliant idea of getting our beagle "Stewey"to lick my toes, to see how badly it would tickle. Dad rubbed a piece of lunch meat onto my feet and toes and called Stewey in. I thought I would die, it tickled so damned badly!! I had learned that begging Dad to stop was not only useless, it actually got you r tickled even more. "I'll stop tickling when you stop laughing." was his answer. But I was full on begging or mercy while that dog was diligently licking, licking, licking between my toes. I truly thought I would go insane before they finally stopped.

Dad died when I was 17. I asked Mo if she ever felt she was abused when Dad got her down and tickled her like that. Mom seemed surprised I would even think of that. 

"Abused? Honey, your Daddy was the sexiest man I ever laid eyes on and when he carried me off like that, I knew I was about to have an ****** most women only dream about!"

Did I feel abused? mmm....maybe. But I knew my Dad loved me and my brothers. I guess tickling was his way of not being "soft" with us, but interacting.

I love to be tickled, still, and my husband loves to tickle my underarms while he sucks and licks my nipples, which is one of the sexiest and most exciting sensations I've ever felt! When I was A friend tickled me while we were at a party. He only did it for a second, and we just went on with what we were doing.  Two days later I started getting these notes under the windshield wiper of my car, and folded up and stuffed under the door of my dorm room. The writer said he'd seen me get tickled at that party and had fantasies about tying me up, as if was going to be sacrificed to a God of some kind, but instead of killing me, he would honor the God with the sounds of my hysterical laughter. It was freaky at first, but then I wanted to learn more about this guy's fantasies. I chickened out, intimately, but it might have been a pretty hot experience!

So any way, that's my tickling story!

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rip your dad

Can I see your beautiful bare feet that story was really really awesome

Can I see your feet

I loved the story I used to tickle my cousin merclessly when we were kids

SWEEET! :-D<br />
I didn't grow up in a tickling family (my mother was totally against tickling!), but I've loved it for my entire lifetime! <br />
I guess people definitely will only be themselves, at least deep down. I just know tickling should be used as an ex<x>pression of love or true caring between people. I've heard of it used to sadistically dominate, but I believe using it in love (or friendship) is far better! :-D

Your stories and desc<x>riptions are extremely HOT and erotically charged! I'm not ashamed to admit it...they aroused me...ESPECIALLY the foot tickling stories. I LOVE TO TICKLE FEMALE SOFT TICKLISH TICKLY FEET! And I enjoy having mine tickled as well!

thats cool im jealous a little cuz u get to be tickled more than me id love being tickled almost everyday

What a great experience. It sounds like your Mom had a ton of fun being tickled by your Dad. How did you handle being gang tickled by your siblings? I had an ex who I couldn't tickle at all because of being gang tickled by her sibs.