He Will Never Get Your ***** Again

When I ****** her sometimes I would mention her ex bf's name. I tell her to think me as her ex. But she doesn't like it. So, I changed to another way...I ask her what he would think if he is watching us making love. She would say, he will be furious. Why? 'Coz he cannot get my ***** again, it's all yours...Her ex is still in love with her but when I seduce her like see, how about showing some pity on him and let him ride you? she would say No! I wish she would say Yes! not meaning in reality, but at least in the fantasy i will like it.
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cluelessandok, is this what you usually do with your wife, what else could you share?

Fantasy is free. My wife listens to me tell her that I want her cheek next to mine and we go down on another couple. First oral fantasy is the husband with my wife and I cheek to cheek we slither our tongues up and down him and we take turns taking him deep. Then the fantasy becomes me and my wife staying cheek to cheek and going down on his wife with our tongues licking and our fingers looking for her g spot.