VERY Dirty Talk With Wife


I love to talk dirty with my wife when she is in the mood…a few drinks usually helps. I mean I can’t all the time but if she is in a real horny mood, I first tell her I love her and then start the dirty talk.    A few times it has gotten really hot and very dirty. While ******* her I called her a dirty *****, an easy ****, and a cheap ****.   I told her that guys in her past knew she was an EASY **** and just used her for her *****. I asked her if she was a **** and she agreed with a “yea”. I told her that wasn’t good enough and that I wanted to hear her say it.    I told her to say “I was a **** and an easy **** for guys” and after saying that to her twice she repeated…. “I was a **** and easy **** for guys”.   I then had her say “Guys just used me for my *****”, she complied and then I had her add to that….”Guys just used me for my ***** because they knew I was an easy ****”.   She also repeated that.   Right before I came I told her to call her self a *****.   As a came inside her she was repeating “ I am a *****”.   It was a big turn on to call her names….but even bigger to have her call herself names!
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7 Responses Feb 14, 2009

exactly, it's very hot when you have them say stuff like that, especially if they're usually not like that.

well, talking dirty is one way of spicing a steamy foreplay....

will girls feel humilated afterwards?

I know I don't. I love it when guys call me a *****, **** or a **** during sex, especially while I'm giving ********. When it's all over I'm ready to curl up in his arms and go to sleep.

Never really got into the name calling or humiliation, but I'm all for what enhances your sex and stuff. Yeah, give it to that *****! jk

i think she was easy should gently keep asking bout her past sex life .... love it


no gang bang but has had sex with two different guys during the same day (one in afternoon and one late at night) does that qualify her as a easy?