Names Besides Daddy

I've recently been working on my dirty talk, because I've found the right dirty words during sex can be amazing. The guy I've been seeing for months now is as new to it as me. I tried calling him daddy but it just felt artificial, is there any other name you other ladies out there call your guy's in the throngs of passion that is like calling him "daddy"?

What I'm looking for is some word that essentially captures my submission to him. Sir/Master/Owner or anything "role play" specific just feels kind of tacky and a buzz kill for me. I want a "name" to call him that has a ring to it, idk it's kind of hard to explain in too much detail... But please if you have any suggestions feel free to comment! Thanks.

VerucaSalt85 VerucaSalt85
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4 Responses Feb 23, 2010

try saying come on ur filthy ******......**** me....! Cos i like that :)

Try "papi"; authoritative, yet not too creepy (unless you speak Spanish). I like "baby", but it can be creepy the way the former is.<br />
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Or you can ggrroowwlll his name...

What about. You are good little boy and look how hard it is. If you are a good little boy and lick me I will put it in my mouth and you can pump pump hard would you like that?

u can call him a lot of things, men usually enjoy to see thier women talking dirty to them in bed<br />
u can try all sorts of things like master, sir, or get abusive with f*** me u B****rd, move ur A**, shake it harder etc etc..