Im A Naughtyy Girl<3

he starts making out with me and soon puts his warm hands around my waist i whisper... moree:)
as he slips his hand down my skirt and fingers me like no other.
i raise my arms so he can take my shirt off he does.
he slips my bra straps down my arm and unhooks my bra and takes it off.
he tells me to layy down and he takes my skirt and thong off. and he says r u readdyy?/
i say yes bring it. he slips his hard in my tight and as he hears me moan softly he lifts me up against the wall and f.ucks me as i scream his name saying oh fu.k yeess! he goes faster and faster and he stops and slowly lifts his out my .pus,sy and  lyes me down and starts tounging my cli/t and i start suckingg toms d.ick while aaron is eating me out.
as they switch and decide to *** me at the same time tom goes for my and aaron goes for my azz!
i scream so loud as the *** me as fast and hard as they can..!!!!!!!!!

Find out how dirtyyy i am<3 message me i will answer ak me any question:)

arilovee arilovee
18-21, F
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