The Gift Of Gab

I heard my mother tell my father many time's the same thing my wife tell's me, I cant take you any place that you dont find sombody to talk to. What women dont seem to understand is, it's their fault. They trained us to be that way. Walk into any woman's clothing store or look on the bench in front of the store, and what will you find ? You find some poor fella that is bored to death and just looking for another male to talk to, he dont care what they talk about as long as it is not perfume, body bath, do you like this color, or hear that statement he has heard on every shopping trip that he has ever been on with his woman, I Cant Find A Thing That Fit's Me. We have already been to two hundred and twelve store's, walked up and down eighty six mile's of cloth's rack's and said It Look's Good On You Baby before you take it off and put it back. We are dying to have sombody to talk too

So over time we get well adjusted to kicking up a conversation with just about anybody, any place anytime. After awhile it just become's a natural thing to do. Before you even get inside the store we are already looking around for our next conversation. Now no matter I go either with or with out the wife, I talk to people. And you know after awhile you get this kind of feel for who to talk to. You can tell when sombody is having a bad day, and you know how to start. You see sombody trying to figure somthing out and you know how to jump in there. Somtime's it's just a word or two and somtime's it's just like you knew them for twenty year's. It just become's a thing we do, we find sombody to talk to. So dont fuss at us men for this, you got us started.

P.S. I cant figure why women's clothing store's dont all close up, because I hear other women in the store's saying the same thing. If they dont make any cloth's that fit anybody, why are they there? . It sure keep's us men dumbfounded, because we walk into a store get what we want , pay for it and leave, Ten minute's flat.
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For some reason and a mystery to me, shoppers start talking to me. (Usually at the grocery store.) I see women talking to the food on the shelves too. I'm pretty sure they're venting about the prices .I think it's funny but I stay away from a lady who is giving canned tuna hell. :>(<br />
People start conversations with me in lines as well . I find them interesting and friendly..Sadly, they get their turn and out the door we all go.I've often thought, ' cool person there..wish I really actualy them.' I like a chatty stranger sometimes.

Thank You both for your comment's. All joke's aside, it really is easy to talk to people and the way thing's are today you just never know when a kind word from a stranger might turn a person's day around.