Tall And Handsome

Tall and handsome are a must in my dream guy, he gotta be over 5' 10'' with nice body, no necessarily muscular, and with a pretty face.
melican10 melican10
18-21, F
5 Responses Dec 7, 2012

Does anyone think that a dark handsome guy could have a few normal sized moles on his face? Kinda like my friend.

I'm him...

6'2", body in proportion & not muscular, slightly grey, not really handsome but not ugly - middle of the road I would say, been relatively successful with women, so I must b more towards handsome than towards ugly, I think it's my 'thing' they go for...

Wow that is......just wow. Have you ever been with a guy other than that type before?

I'm tall dark and handsome !!