what kind of men did you grow-up around?

i don't like to talk much about my fondness for tall men (especially if they're lanky like the actor who played King Edward VIII on "W.E." or the Dutch national football team) because i'm from an ex-colony country and liking traits associated with the ex-colonisers seems like someone with colonial-hangover (racial inferiority complex). BUT, i think not everything has to be made into a race issue (especially if it REALLY ISN'T at all). i'm sure there's a scientific explanation to this (having a hard time recognising people of different races' faces doesn't necessarily mean you are racist, sometimes it's a brain defect).

the thing is, i just grew up around men who are tall (by Asian standards). my father is about 5'8" and my brothers are probably 5'9" to 6'0", I think? my paternal grandfather is and maternal grandfather was also tall (the former is also lanky). even my uncles and my parents' uncles tend to be tall (only some of my cousins are short because some of my parents' sisters married shorter men). so it just feels 'unfamiliar' to me to be dating anyone shorter than what i've been accustomed to growing up.

i hope this post doesn't gross anyone out because they find it incestuous or anything. ick. but seriously, i could NEVER!
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There's absolutely nothing wrong with it:)

Aw... Thank you... *Huggles*

I think you're fine. At 6'2" I'm at the tall end of normal for my European ancestry, but I often find myself to be the tallest person in the room. I am unusual in that I'm more attracted to tall women than are most men. My best girlfriend was 5'10", and my ex wife 5'8".

Women don't get as tall as your best girlfriend and your ex-wife down here, even the runway models look 5'6" (although I did have a classmate who's a runway model and I think she could be ~175cm). I think it's fine, except for the fact that I look ridiculous standing next to tall men and heels get hurty and kissing is complicated because I'm only 5'0"!